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The beach tourist area for France is the French Riviera, or as the French call it, The Cote d’Azur, the blue coast. It extends from Marseille in Southeast France all the way across Southern France and into the Italian Riviera, ending at La Spezia in Northwest Italy. The sun shines year-round on places like Cannes, Juan-les-Pins, Nice and Monte Carlo.

Thanks to Lord Brougham, at the time Lord Chancellor of Britain, Cannes was started on its way to being one of the first winter resorts of modern times. It was 1834 and he was on his way to Nice when turned back by a cholera epidemic. Stopping at the little port (it derives its name from the canes growing in a nearby marsh), he liked the place so well he built a house. Friends followed and by 1890 as many as sixty members of Europe’s royalty were spending their winters there more than enough to give the place a cachet.

From France history: 1690 Some thirty Boston women receive a license to cut lumber and manufacture fertilizer. 1692 In January, the Salem witchcraft trials begin. France Map Tituba, a Caribbean-African slave girl, tells witchcraft stories to a group of English girls in Salem, Massachusetts, at or near the home of her master, Reverend Samuel Parris. Parris’s daughter, Betsy, and her friends then begin acting strangely. When it is suggested they have been bewitched, the girls begin naming several local people, especially women and including Tituba, as witches. A number of arrests are made and trials begin. Tituba confesses and is sold for an amount equal to the cost of keeping her in prison. Others are eventually set free, but six others, including Bridget Bishop and Rebecca Nurse, are hanged in the summer. Nurse is a 71-year-old mother of eight who had been at odds with the community and has some sort of birthmark. Bishop is in her late 50s or early 60s; married three times and widowed twice, she has no children. Of the 141 people eventually charged, several die in jail and a total of twenty others (thirteen women and seven men) are executed by September. More trials continue until the spring of 1693, when the governor forces them to stop. A significant number of the accused are old, eccentric, infirm, or have disputes with other members of the community over property and class issues. This illustrates the importance both of gender and class in the kinds of social judgments that could be made about someone in colonial Massachusetts.

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