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200 Hawthorne Ln.

William Henry Belk, founder of Belk department stores, turned to renowned Charlotte architect Charles Christian Hook, also known as C. C. Hook, to design a mansion for his family in 1924. The home was designed in the Neoclassical style and features a symmetrical design, tall columns, and a dormed roof. Inside, an ornate foyer led to a double ascending staircase and a total of 16 rooms, including a playroom, reception room, dining room, kitchen, seven bedrooms, a sewing and linen room, a maid’s room, and a sleeping porch. The builder, Thies-Smith Realty, built the home for $75,000. The couple raised six children in the home and hosted numerous church and philanthropic events in the mansion. After Belk died in 1952, his wife, Mary Irwin Belk, inherited the home and lived there until she passed away in 1968. Upon her death, the home was donated to Presbyterian Hospital and is now used for medical offices and receptions. It’s one of the few original mansions that remains on Hawthorne Lane, which was long regarded as one of the finest streets in the Elizabeth neighborhood.

When a War Chief dies another shall be installed by the Honduras Map same rite as that by which a Lord is installed. 39. If a War Chief acts Honduras Map contrary to instructions or against the provisions of the Laws of the Great Peace, doing so in the capacity of his office, he shall be deposed by his women relatives and by his men relatives. Either the women or the men alone or jointly may act in such a case. The women title holders shall then choose another candidate. 40. When the Lords of the Confederacy take occasion to dispatch a messenger in behalf of the Confederate Council, they shall wrap up any matter they may send and instruct the messenger to remember his errand, to turn not aside but to proceed faithfully to his destination and deliver his message according to every instruction. 41. If a message borne by a runner is the warning of an invasion he shall whoop, Kwa-ah, Kwa-ah, twice and repeat at short intervals; then again at a longer interval. If a human being is found dead, the finder shall not touch the body but return home immediately shouting at short intervals, Koo-weh!

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