Comanche National Grasslands Map Colorado


419, 000 acres. Administered by Pike and San Isabel National Forests, and consisting of two large tracts in southeastern Colorado, this is a relatively flat area of prairie grasslands, with some rivers and canyons. Wildlife includes white-tailed and mule deer, pronghorn, black bear, mountain lion, and fox.

Activities: Hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding are allowed, but there are few established trails aside from a section of the Sante Fe National Historic Trail. Most travel must be cross-country. Hunting and fishing are permitted in season.

Camping Regulations: Camping and campfires are allowed throughout the National Grasslands, except where posted otherwise. No permits are required.

For Further Information: Comanche National Grasslands, 27162 Highway 287, P.O. Box 127, Springfield, CO 81073; (719)523-6591.

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