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Lutsen and Tofte


LENGTH 3.2 miles

TIME 2:15

DIFFICULTY Easy-Moderate with a steep ascent to the peak.


MAPS & PERMITS McKenzie Map 102 (Lutsen and Tofte). USGS quads: Honeymoon Mountain and Tofte. No permit is required.

Gbl IING THERE Drive 5 miles east of Tofte on U.S. Highway 61 to U.S. Forest Road 336. Turn left and drive about 2 miles to the parking lot on the left side of the road.

TRAILHEAD GPS 47D 37′ 42.9″ N 90c 47′ 6.5″ W

It never fails that every time I see the footprints of a black bear on the trail, the hair stands up on the back of my neck and a chill races along my spine. Goose bumps prickle my skin and I look cautiously over my shoulder every so often until I have left the tracks far behind. Logic and facts about black bears tell me that I have very little to worry about, but it’s hard to shake off the fear held over somewhere deep within my psyche from boyhood stories heard at midnight around campfires. Despite this uneasiness I always look forward to finding bear tracks, as I did on the way to Leveaux Peak. They give a hike a whole different feeling.

The most fascinating thing about black bears is the physiology they have evolved so they can hibernate for long periods; up to five and six months. During this time, they do not eat, drink, or eliminate any body wastes. How bears can do this is of interest to scientists specializing in the treatment of kidney and bone diseases in humans.

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