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The months from summer to autumn are perhaps the most enjoyable of all to fish for roach. Hempseed and casters are both superb baits to pick out a good stamp of fish and the seed comes into its own from May onwards. This is a game of discipline, however. Feed too often and the fish will come up in the water, or charge around giving rapid, easily-missed bites. Instead, introduce ten or so hemp grains or casters every three or four minutes, and those quality roach will eventually settle. free fishing places near me I say eventually, because it is wisest to allow at least an hour for the fish to feed in peace before you try your hookbait – to the point where they are well-accustomed to mopping up the free offerings undisturbed. The same is true of casters. Feed like clockwork, get the fish settled and those rapid bites will transform into steady deliberate pulls and the chance of Zen-like roach fishing.

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Fine tackle pays dividends when catching canny roach.

Whichever time of year you fish, roach detest crude tackle: opt for the finest-tipped float that conditions will allow, along with fine hooklengths (typically 1 ^-2lb breaking strain and no greater than 3lb).

The pole is an excellent method, but light running line tactics can also score. On occasions when the water is painfully clear and the roach easily spooked by a pole passing over their heads, the waggler comes into its own. A particularly enjoyable way to catch on the waggler is using maggots or casters, feeding regular small amounts and fishing a slow sinking bait. canal fishing tips Roach can be caught at all levels and it’s worth trying with the bait set at mid-depth, as well as nearer the bottom. Warm days are perfect for this style of fishing, which suits a busy angler. Indeed, the best roach catchers are restless experimenters, altering the amount and frequency of feed, tinkering with rigs and depths to keep the bites coming.

Dominic’s Tip

For winter fishing, sensitivity is crucially important to spot roach bites. Wire-bristled floats are tricky to use, but offer incredible finesse. With these and any other ultra-fine tipped floats, a good dodge is to shot the float so it just about sinks, before greasing the very tip with mucilin or a similar floatant.

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