12 Best hotels in Puerto Alcudia Majorca

Let’s have a look at the best hotels in Alcudia so you don’t have to spend hours online searching for them. For this post I read reviews on the over 60 hotels in Puerto de Alcudia on 4 review websites and picked 12 of the best hotels. Checking these 12 hotels in real life left me with 4 not delivering to what was promised online, so don’t always believe everything you read,and 8 proving that they are truly dedicated to quality holidays. Let’s have a look at those 8 hotels in Alcudia you can book today and be sure you have made the right choice. All of them are in very different price categories but all offer great value for money. The hotel Viva Tropic is a great hotel for families. They have all kinds of different pools, like the main pool, a pirate themed kids pool and an adults only pool for relaxing. The hotel is located close to the harbor area of Puerto de Alcudia with its many restaurants and only a few minutes walking from the beach. The hotel Viva Tropic also offer a full entertainment program at both day and night time for kids, adults and teenagers.

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The next hotel in this list of best hotels in Alcudia is the hotel Vanity Golf. This is a hotel only for adults set directly on the beach. The hotel feels extremely clean and well maintained. It is an ideal place for relaxing in a 4 star setting. There is a beautiful garden around the pool overlooking the beach with plenty of high quality sunbeds for all guests. The hotel Botel Alcudiamar, is located directly in the harbor of Alcudia. It has an amazing pool overlooking the sea and is set in a very peaceful and private location. There are many great restaurants in this area and loads to see and do in the evening. Botel Alcudiamar I could find at under 1000 euro per week for 2 adults in June. With this price, it is one of the cheaper 4 star hotels in this list of best hotels in Alcudia.

This hotel is very popular with couples of all ages but families also like this hotel. If you want to know the best price for any of these hotels then have a look on Roomerank.com, the website shown at this moment and the only price comparison website I know with a lowest price guarantee. This is also where I found all the hotels for my own stay in Mallorca. Hotel Condesa de la Bahia is located very close to Playa de Muro but still in Puerto de Alcudia. The hotel is very popular with families. From what I could read this is due to the great kids pool as well as the food and snacks on offer all day for all inclusive guests. However I did not find a consistent view on this. Some people said it was great food, others did not love it so much. What I could see is that much of the food was deep fried easy snacks and hamburgers.

Even though many people would love this, especially kids, this may or may not be for you. My advice would be to book this hotel without any food. You can book all kinds of food and drinks packages, by the day or week, directly in the hotel reception at what I could find cheaper prices than most of the booking agents offer. Other, then that, I can definitely advise the hotel Condesa de la Bahia for a great family holiday directly on the beach. Grupotel Maritimo was completely renovated a few years ago into a beautiful, modern, yet warm and welcome feeling hotel. This hotel is located very close to Condesa de la Bahian on the other side of Puerto de Alcudia, almost in Playa de Muro. There are several pools to enjoy in this hotel but the beach in this area of Alcudia is also very nice. The hotel Grupotel Maritimo felt very fresh and clean. Before I move on to the last 3 great hotels in Puerto de Alcudia, please feel free to click that like button at any time! Hotel Astoria Playa is an adults only hotel, just like Vanity Golf. It was completely renovated a few years ago into the beautiful hotel it is now.

There are 2 different pools with high quality sunbeds. 1 in the front, and 1 in the back of the hotel. People talked very highly online about many of the staff members in the hotel. Hotel Sea Club is another great hotel in Puerto de Alcudia. The hotel is set on a very large area and “made up of 2 floor apartment houses?”. Like this you always have everything you need close by and the pool just at your doorstep. For this reason the Sea Club hotel in Alcudia is very popular with families with smaller children. The hotel Viva Sunrise is located just across the road of Sea Club mentioned before. It is another hotel that is very family friendly. It has a great kids pool and also a little playground for them.

Here as well, just as in the hotel Viva Tropic, they have a great day and night entertainment program. The beach is within a few minutes walking from the hotel Viva Sunrise and there are many different style restaurants nearby. Try the indian restaurant Maharaj, 100 meter behind the hotel, I ate there while I was posting in Alcudia and it was amazing good food and great service. To find out more about these hotels and find the best price, have a look on Roomerank.com, or directly on my website this blog by clicking the link on your screen now , and don’t forget to click that comment button to find all my posts on Mallorca even more easy. If you are the owner, director or marketing department in any of these hotels mentioned in this post, or a hotel you think I might have overlooked, then you can get in contact with me on mallorca.

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