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So also does Her Royal Majesty leave it to the good Korea, South Map pleasure and prudence of the Governor, when on the ground, duly to consider the deportment of Korea, South Map said Hollanders and the situation of the place of which they have taken possession; and, according to his judgment, either let them remain there quietly or make such a disposition and settlement of the matter as lie shall find most suitable and advantageous to Her Royal Majesty and the participants in said Company of navigation.

The wild nations, bordering upon all other sides, the Governor shall understand how to treat with all humanity and respect, that no violence or wrong be done to them by Her Royal Majesty or her subjects aforesaid; but he shall rather, at every opportunity, exert himself that the same wild people may gradually be instructed in the truths and worship of the Christian religion and in other Ways brought to civilization and good government, and in this manner properly guided. Especially shall he seek to gain their confidence, and impress upon their minds that neither he, the Governor, nor his people and subordinates are come into those parts to do them any wrong or injury, but much more for the purpose of furnishing them with such things as they may need for the ordinary wants of life; and so, also, for such things as are found among them which they themselves cannot make for their own use, or buy, or exchange. Therefore shall the Governor also see thereto that the people of Her Royal Majesty, or of the Company who are engaged in trading in those parts, allow the wild people to obtain such things as they need, at a price somewhat more moderate than they are getting them of the Hollanders at Fort Nassau, or the adjacent English; so that said wild people may be withdrawn from them, and be so much the more won to our people. 10.

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