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Creek_Peek (Monochromatic color taken just outside of town southeast of Seneca, KS, 04:58 PDT, SX700 1/320s f5 ISO125 stopped down -2/3 for exposure it’s that little ying-yang black/white box +/- button on your camera – don’t be afraid to use it.)

Seneca Water Tower (Where morning sun is glowing off the Seneca water tower over the local athletic fields and new city pool-water park. Even middle America deserves some perks while working to feed the country. Seneca, KS, 05:09, SX700 1/320 f7.1 ISO100)

Rails West (The single train track main leads out of the west end of Seneca curving off and away to disappear below the cornfields soaking up the morning sun. Seneca, KS, 05:24 PDT, 1/320 f5.6 ISO125)

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Bridge 39 is now only used by cross-country walkers (a path from the Philpstoun road south to Threemiletown), but is worth going up onto for an attractive view, including a major overspill just west of Bridge 39. Good open, rural walking continues all the way to Linlithgow. A bit of fencing shows where a road is going under the travel destination – and the road itself crosses a burn. A mere hamlet now, Philpstoun was a place entirely dependent on the oil industry. The name dates back to Philip d’Eu, a 12th-century Norman who was granted land here. Various access paths lead up from the village and, on leaving, semicircular masonry walling marks a water-filled underpass linking fields. After a slow transformation, the travel destination, from being deep in its private jungle, now runs along high, open country with fantastic views over the rolling Lowlands to the swelling Ochils on the northern skyline. The tower on the hill to the north is above The Binns, home of Tam Dalyell, the onetime local MP. An ancestor of the same name was a general, and a feared persecutor of the Covenanters. He was captured at the battle of Worcester, later reorganised the Russian army for the Tsar, won the battle of Rullion Green (1666) and raised the Scots Greys in 1681.

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