Mandapa A Ritz-Carlton Reserve Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Mandapa A Ritz-Carlton Reserve Ubud, Bali, Indonesia  The resort evokes the ambience of a sacred site The serene entrance courtyard leads to a phenomenal open-valUed lobby . The tour of this lobby wiU take some time. Perched on top of a bluff, the lobby is detached from the main resort facilities. facilities. Perched on top of a bluff, the lobby is detached from the main resort. erty is located near the  Ubud eeg the spiritual and cultural hub of Hindu Bali of Thousands of years. The property is located near the viLLage of Ubud. Ubud has been the spiritual and cultural hub of Hindu Bali for thousands of years.

Ubud is nestled in a mountainous area. It offers a welcome respite from the crazy pace of Bali’s popular beach resorts. Its jungle, rice fields and spiritual way of life have drawn artists from around the-world. Ubud is Indonesia’s most important art center.  This is thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert’s best seLLing book turned movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ bud is also one of Asia’s major tourist destinations, Mandapa is only a 10 minute drive from Ubud. The resort runs a free shuttle service to/from town with frequent departures and pickups. The lobby is a coLLection of thatched roof pavilions. A maze of walking paths connects the lobby’s different lounge areas. AU guests are welcomed here with Balinese hospitality.

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Jepun flower necklaces, fragrant cold towels and cold drinks are provided upon arrival. Alternatively, the check-in proc. The property is managed by Ritz-Carlton. Part of the Marriott Hotel Group, Ritz-Carlton is obviously a weU-known luxury brand. Three other Reserves are opening soon in Pearl Island (Panama), Tamuda Bay (Morocco) and Los Cabos (Mexico). An elegant walkway leads to the lobby’s balcony. It affords spectacular panoramas of the resort grounds and surrounding rainforest. The property cascades down a steep, lush hiLLside. The vaUey floor is home to Bali’s longest river, the Ayung River.

The resort layout is reminiscent of a Balinese viLLage. It has a magnificent terraced rice field and a Hindu temple at its heart (shown later). Mandapa’s design mirrors Bali’s lush landscape. Sleek modern architecture is combined with traditional Balinese details. Mandapa is created by Jeffrey Wilkes. Wilkes is a renowned interior designer based in Kuala Lumpur. A Hindu shrine is located adjacent to the lobby Hinduism is practiced by the majority of the population of Bali. This is remarkable since Indonesia’s population is predominantly Muslim. More than 80% of the people on Bali identify as This is remarkable since Indonesia’s population is predominantly Muslim. Bali is Indonesia’s only predominantly Hindu island.

This is explained in part by the entrenched Balinese culture of isolationism. Indonesia is a secular democratic country. The Indonesian constitution guarantees aU people in Indonesia tl. Mandapa features several Hindu shrines on its The resort also organizes excursions to Bali’s most famous temples. A fun way to explore the temples is with the resort’s VW The resort staff drives you in a vintage Volkswagen VW 181 convertible to the shrine.s The resort staff drives you in a vintage Volkswagen VW 181 convertible to the shrines . One of Bali’s most famous temples is Tirta Empul. Built in 926 AD, this iconic temple is famous for its purifying holy water. Another famous Balinese temple is Tanah Lot. Perched on top of an offshore rock, Tanah Lot is famed for its sunset backdrops.

Have you ever stayed at the Mandapa Reserve?. If yes, what was your experience? Leave a comment…. Some more impressions of the lobby. The strike of a traditional Balinese gong marks the arrival of every guest. Let’s explore the resort grounds & accommodafcjns Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve features 50 ultra-luxurious suites & vlfflfe. The resort grounds are expansive and. The friendly butlers make themselves available to drive you around in bugg. I stayed in this ENORMOUS viUa during my holiday Room category: one bedroom rice terrace pool viUa. The viUa is accessed via a stunning walkway The moss covered waUs create a mystical ambience.

The moss covered waUs create a mystical ambience. Tip: enjoy free VIP perks when booking via Virtuoso: This includes a room upgrade, daily breakfast, and 100 USD resort credit. The elegant space features glass waUs which can be opened or closed. The living room looks out over Mandapa’s rice pathWays. Other viUas enjoy views of the rainforest or the sacred Ayung river. The viUa features a large private outdoor space. This comprises a tropical, waLLed garden and a 30 sq m (323 ft) swimming pool. The pool is large enough to swim laps. In fact, it’s one of the largest private viUa pools that I ever noticed at a hotel.

The viUa accommodates a maximum of 3 guests. It features a separate bedroom area, a large dressing room, and spacious bathroom. The bathroom is beautifuLLy designed. It comes with a soaker tub and his/her wooden sinks. Surprise: a Toto toilet!!!. The Toto toilet features an innovative seat with electronicaLLy controLLed bidet. The bathroom also features an indoor rain shower. There’s also an outdoor shower in the adjacent garden. The king-sized bed is heavenly soft. It features an embroidered, colorful bedcover. The king-sized bed is heavenly soft It features an embroidered, colorful bedcover. Welcome amenity A bowl with local fruits. The resort has won many prestigious awards. This includes accolades by Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure.

It is the #1 luxury hotel in Indonesia on Tripadvi. It was also voted #6 luxury hotel in Asia in the TripAdvisor. The hotel does not participate in Marriott Re. You cannot earn hotel points at Mandapa, nor use them for a free sta’. Are you a member of Marriott . Do you like the new program? . Some more impressions of the stunning viUa. The welcoming Balinese style interior offers unparaLLeled luxury. This is the resort’s boutique shop. It seUs resort wear, souvenirs, and loca artifacts. This is the entrance to Sawah Terrace. Sawah Terrace is one of the resort’s four dining venues. Sawah Terrace offers Balinese and Asian dishes. I’U have breakfast and dinner here at the end of this post. The Library is the resort’s poolside lounge. It offers an inviting space to read a book on a rainy afternoon.

Here, you can enjoy drinks & canapes before dinner. The Library also offers signature afternoon tea in both English and Indonesian styles. The Library connects to the poolside bar & restaurant. The pool bar serves fresh salads, delicious sandwiches, and light fare. The pool bar is open from 9 am to 6 pm. Its signature dish is griLLed barramundi fiLLet, basil potatoes, ginger & mango vinaigrette. The pool bar overlooks the pool area . VEy The pool area is set at the heart of the resort and borders the rice paddies. The pool is lined by comfortable sun loungers. There are also some cabanas at the end of the pool deck. Bali’s dry season runs from May to September. However, in recent years, climate change makes the Bali weather less predictable.

I publish 3 newsletters a weeks on my blog: Top 10 travel lists, reviews of flights and hotels, travel tips, news and competitions. The pool area overlooks the resort’s central rice field. The rice paddies are weU maintained by a crew of local farmers. A traditional hut is located in the center of the rice fi I’U have a delicious picnic here later in this post. StroLLing along the rice paddies is a pure delight. I recommend to rent a bike and explore the stunningly verdant rice fields around Ubud. The resort temple is set between the rice fields a It’s a sacred place of worship for the resort staff and local viLLagers. Picnic at the rice field hut. Enjoying the delicious food and the beautiful scenery (even in the rain). The Ritz-Carlton features two facilities along the river: a restaurant.

This is Kubu, the resort’s signature restaurant. Kubu means “hut” or “shelter” in Bahasa Indonesia. I posted this sequence while the restaurant was closed. I never want to disturb other guests when I take photos and record posts :-). It also offers nine private dining cocoons overlooking the Ayung River. Kubu serves Mediterranean-European cuisine. Mandapa is surrounded on 3 sides by the Ayung River. Guests can enjoy an exhilarating rafting adventure on the river. Rafting is suitable for guests of aU ag The Ayung features mild stretches of water, making it ideal.

The Mandapa Spa is also set on the banks of the river The sound of flowing water luUs guests into a state of relaxation. Tour of the spa facility. The spa offers eight treatment rooms (three specificaUy designed for couples). The spa uses ESPA and local products. This aLLows guests to discover peace of mind and body. Snacks and tea are offered after each treatment. The spa’s relaxation lounge offers private cubicles along the river. The spa also offers saunas and steam room fra. These gender segregated facilities are located inside the locker rooms. Dinner at Sawah Terrace. Ingredients for the Balinese & Asian dishes are sourced from the chef’s organic garden.                                                                  

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