What to eat and drink in Prague: Meat and beer lovers welcome

The Czech cuisine is based mainly on pork, as well as on chicken and beef. They also use other ingredients in their recipes, even if the Czech Republic isn’t the best destination for fish lovers,which is understandable taking into account that the country has no coast.

The most typical dish in Prague is goulash, with its many variants. The base of this traditional dish is a meat stew with vegetables. So once you get your flights to the Czech capital and you book a hotel in Prague, you should be ready to try the many different dishes that this central European country offers to its visitors. Czech gastronomy it isn’t very well known internationally but it will definitely leave you speechless.

Goulash is the most traditional dish in Prague; which is a meat stew with vegetables that can be served in many different ways

Typical dishes from Prague

These are some of the dishes you willfind in Prague’s restaurants:

Kulajda: Creamy soup prepared from mashed potatoes, mushrooms and sour milk.

Bramborak: Fried tortilla of potato dough.

Dumplings: Dumplings made of potatoes or bread crumbs.

Chlebicky: Small canapes madeof different ingredients.

Utopenec: Sausages marinated with pepper and fried onion.

Bramborak: Tortilla chips made of potatoes, eggs, flour, onions and other ingredients.

 opsky Prayer: Tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper and cheese.

Tlacenka: Wild boar meat with onion and bread.

Prazskunka: Prague ham.

Chocroute: Sauerkraut.

Kolache: Cake filled with fruit compote.

Vnocka: Traditional bread similar to the brioche prepared for Christmas.

Goulash: Spicy dish prepared with beef, onions, pepper and paprika.

Slivovice: Alcoholic drink of prune juice.

Palacinky: Pancake filled of ice cream, roasted fruit or jam.

As you see, there’s a wide range of dishes to choose from, being meats and vegetables the most typical ingredients.

Beer in Prague

Beer enthusiasts who plan to travel to Prague are in luck, as they will be delighted not only for the quality of the beer but also for its price. In almost any bar or restaurant, a beer pint costs between 25 and 40 crowns (just over 1 ‚). Moreover, remember that the quality is just excellent.

The most popular beer in Prague is Pilsner Urquell, although one of the most special things about Prague and its beer is that many bars craft their own beer, so the variety is assured.

Eating on the street

If you are walking around the city and you get hungry but you don’t want to stop wandering around, you aren’t forced to walk into a restaurant for a meal. You can also get some food in the street and keep on with your route.

Moreover, eating on the street in Prague is very cheap. You can go for the typical sausages of all kinds, or you can also choose a burger or some other kind of fast food. Prices range from 10 to 50CZK, so with just one euro you can fill your stomach for a while.

Prague is definitely the right place for meat and beer lovers.Are you ready for a gastronomic trip to the Golden City?

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