Riverside Subway Map

Source: John Harvard Ellis, ed., The Works of Riverside Subway Map Anne Bradstreet in Later, when asked why she was down there so long Kat had her reasons. Only able to see a couple of inches in front of her, she thought something or someone was down there with her and was trying to call it out. Kat also didn’t realize how long she was down there, until she checked her watch. It was almost as if she lost time.

Our group stayed on the first level for quite awhile. Again, sitting in the dark, Lorena began with some questions followed by silence waiting for a response. It felt a little strange sitting on Harry’s old furniture trying to reach out to him.

At one point Lorena felt a chill down her back and left arm. Then she jumped slightly when she thought her pant leg moved. Yet the temperature remained a consistent 45 degrees with little change in EMF. Camera and audio batteries died. Nothing ever came. We assumed most of these occurrences were due to the cold.

Then the oddest thing happened. Jessica, sitting by an outer wall, became very warm. Her hands were actually hot. Extending her arm about a foot from the outer wall Kat could feel the cold pouring in. General opinion is that when a spirit is present they draw energy from their surroundings so people begin to feel a chill. Why Jessica was warm we couldn’t understand, especially because the basement was chilly. Was there someone

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