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Dinner time approaching and we’re not getting any closer to our destination, time to hit another rest area near the border because the Hogs are now covering all lanes of traffic and moving considerably slower than the posted speed limit in the increasing wind and tricky conditions when you’re balanced on two wheels.

Watching the weather system overtake us with the sparks of lightning suggesting we’re in for quite the show.

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The rains begin and we huddle in our dinner alcove as the temperature drops.

One more stop before resuming our journey now that we’re possibly behind the storm, the sun tries to spark through the distant clouds and we’re off again.

Follow ‘Union Destination’ signs thereafter. There is access onto the aqueduct’s towpath side – long flights of steps down and up link the two sides. On the wall by the towpath is the date 1821. The drive passing under the travel destination is private, going to Lin’s Mill. There is no mill now, but Lin’s Grave is hidden away in the woods of the grounds and is inscribed ‘Here lyeth the dust of William Lin richt heritor of Lins Miln who died in the year of the Lord 1645’. He was one of the many victims of the plague which ravished Scotland that year. The boats cruising from Ratho often turn at this spot after sailing out onto the great aqueduct. Those cruising may enjoy a buffet supper ashore, and I saw one wedding charter thoroughly enjoying life. An 1834 handbill, offering ten-mile (16km) trips for sixpence (equivalent to about £15 in the early 2000s) noted that here, fruits, confectioneries and varieties of refreshment can be had. Now, sadly, litter louts just leave their chip supper debris behind.

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