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They were extremely vulnerable when Hurricane Tomas struck the island in Fort Wayne Metro Map early November with torrential rains and high winds. Many people were afraid to leave the tent villages Fort Wayne Metro Map . Most had nowhere else to go. And nearly everyone was afraid to leave their personal belongings behind, unguarded. When the storm hit, tent villages were leveled. Floodwaters raged through the streets and rubble of Port-au-Prince and other communities.

After a K2 response Lorena or Kat would often say, “thank you.” A surprisingly clear EVP was picked up after one of those thank you’s that sounded very much like a woman.

“Why would you thank him, dear?” The voice seemed very much like a prim and proper woman, with a slight British accent.

The clarity of the voice was startling and we wondered who she was. Was it Mrs. Geller seated at the table with Leebove or one of the many witnesses there that fateful evening? Then again, it could even be Helen Doherty not understanding why we would be thanking Leebove.

Perhaps the most stunning piece of audio collected in the bar, we believe, validates that Leebove was with us. I recalled reading 1938 newspaper clippings recounting the night of Leebove’s murder. They all indicated that, after being shot, Leebove looked at Livingson and asked, “Jack, Jack, why.” His words fading as his life drained away.

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