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But if you plan carefully, and are properly equipped for Tulsa Metro Map the task, you will find this an immensely enjoyable and rewarding walk, even if your nearest Tulsa Metro Map and dearest begin to question your sanity! You begin at the Cross in the centre of Chichester. (The many and varied architectural and historic features of Chichester are described more fully in the Best Teashop Walk chapter.) Your walk begins innocuously enough with a stroll down West Street, keeping Chichester Cathedral and the bell tower to your left.

At the end of West Street you cross straight over the roundabout into Westgate, and then follow Westgate away from the city centre, initially passing office buildings and shops, and then impressive residential properties. You come to a mini-roundabout with Sherborne Road leading off to the right. Go straight over the mini-roundabout and continue along what is a cul-de-sac for vehicles, leading to a pedestrian railway crossing.

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