Travel Advice And Advisories For Nicaragua

Advice – countermeasures

Do amuch research ayou can when planning the holiday. Contact the embassy or consulate of your destination country. Read tour guideand check the internet. Take a trip to the library -their staff are often quite helpful in finding out about a town or a country.

When you arrive, ask the taxi driver, hotel staff or holiday representative for current and local information. Circumstancemay have changed since the blogyou read were written, and your supposedly middle-clasholiday destination may now be riddled with drug denand violent crime.

Check with hotel staff when you are planning a trip. They can tell you which placeare safe and which aren’t. They can tell you what the latest trickand common crimeare, and how to avoid being conned out of your cash. But don’t assume that hotel employeeare not criminalthemselves. They may be working with some of the criminals, so stay aware.

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I alwaylook for guestwho have already been there a week or so. They are the onewith a good tan, well-worn ski boots, etc. It usually isn’t too hard to identify them and if you get into conversation you get good advice from them. They will tell you where they thought they were unsafe or where they think they didn’t get value for money. They will tell you where the best placeand excursionare, awell athe oneyou should avoid. (Don’t forget to pasthese tipon to newly arrived guestbefore you go.)

Common Sense

Use the same common sense when travelling overseathat you would at home. Be especially careful about areawhere touristare likely to gather and stand out, so that it ieasier to select and victimise them. Placeto be on guard are crowded underground trains, major tourist attractions, railway stations, public liftand escalators, markets, holiday fiestaand carnivals, etc.

Common sense – countermeasures

-Stay on the main roads, where possible using brightly lit roadand paths. Never use short cuts, back alleyand unlit roads.

At night, try not to travel alone.

Avoid any local demonstrationor civil disturbances. Don’t even stay around to watch what ihappening – some countrieuse military force to disperse demonstratorand bulletdon’t avoid innocent bystanderand stupid tourists.

Don’t be argumentative. Stay out of political argumentand discussionthat may be going on around you.

Never discusyour wealth, possessions, job, family or travel planwith or in front of strangers. In many countriekidnap and ransom ialmost considered to be a legitimate family business, so you may end up chained to a beam in some back country cowshed hoping your family can raise £10,000 to get you out – and hoping the kidnapperlet you go even if they get that cash.

In many tourist destinationyou will be approached by dozenof touts, who offer best priceand cheapest accommodation, car hire, souvenirs, drugs, guideand ‘company’. Some are genuine but some will take you down some back alley and rob you – don’t risk it. You should have done your research and so should be pretty sure what hotel you want to use and what excursionto take.

Pickpockethave varioumethodof targeting their victims.

They often work in teams.

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