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When not tending the wines, which are made at a Vietnam Metro Map neighboring facility, he often can be found helping out in the tasting room or chatting with visitors Vietnam Metro Map over a glass of one of his blends. OF SPECIAL NOTE: All wines are estate grown and sold primarily out of the tasting room. Live music and food pairings monthly. Educational seminars quarterly. NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Mt. Olive Organic Farm (tours, olive and olive oil tasting, bakery, lunch menu); Pasolivo Olive Oil (olive oil tasting, specialty vinegars, salts, and lotions, picnicking).

Reading Animal Tracks

You can scan the ground for animal sign in both summer and winter to gain information about the environment, where you play the part of predator in your own right. In winter, tracks can be read on the snow as easily as words are in a book, but in summer they are fewer and much harder to find.

The black bear is very common in the forested areas of the Canadian Far North. Its meat is tender and well flavored. It particularly enjoys eating blueberries. Curious by nature, it sometimes approaches quite close to camp.

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