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In recent decades hunting has increasingly become a focus of controversy and strong feelings. Hunting laws have come under attack in some areas. This is not the place for a discussion of the pros and cons of hunting, as good cases can be made by advocates on both sides of the issue.

While it’s common and appropriate to criticize those who practice the sport in a dangerous or inhumane way, most hunters do in fact act responsibly, and many make good use of the meat to supplement their diet. Of course hunting is an age-old activity and tradition, and it’s been part of the lives of millions of people in this country until recently. It remains legal in the majority of the country’s parks and wilderness areas. An exception is most National Parks, where it’s prohibited.

Just as with fishing, not all hunters are concerned with results. Quite a few refrain from shooting or killing, and simply enjoy the process of tracking an animal. For some people hunting season provides an opportunity to head for the wilderness and camp out, to get away from routine and enjoy some outdoor adventure and relaxation.

When entering an area where hunting is going on, for reasons of safety be sure to wear bright colors, preferably Day-Glo orange. If you’re a nonhunter, during the designated season you might want instead to visit a park where hunting isn’t permitted.

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1636 Harvard College is founded, primarily to train ministers. Atlanta Map It offers courses in the classics, science, philosophy, and theology. 1638 The first printing Atlanta Map business in British Country is in operation by early October in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1639 The first British-Country almanac is published in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The author is a sea captain, William Pierce. 1646 The first Country mechanical patent is issued by the Massachusetts Bay Colony to Joseph Jenks. It grants him an exclusive right for fourteen years to his improvements in sawmills and scythes.

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