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Scene of the Leebove murder (photo circa 1930)

Courtesy of the Doherty Hotel

It was slightly after 10:00 p.m. when Livingston walked in, drunk, in a rage and carrying a gun. Taking the revolver, he walked directly over to their table, pointed the gun at Leebove and fired three shots.

According to accounts, Leebove was shot twice, with the fatal bullet piercing his heart. Pete Geller was also wounded in the attack. Leebove fell to the floor and the closest one to him, Elizabeth Geller, rushed to his side and put his head in her lap. Leebove’s startled face looked up at Livingston. His last words were, “Jack, Jack, why.?”

Leebove upper left; Livingston, lower left; Geller in the hospital with his wife, right.

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