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Hey guys it is 4:00 a.m. we are leaving for Kuala Lumpur Malaysia wearing my favorite shirt on AirAsia they don’t let you bring your coffee onto the plane. So we’re trying to smuggle it looks a little suspicious like what’s that mission success : just land is pretty nice three hours late from bali just you partner just nothing walking around bottom floor it’s so spacious, and modern, and somehow it just feels to be very relaxing right now I am coming up to the famous towers this is the park in front of the tower, and I thought that it would be really crowded with all these people. But there’s pretty much no one here if I lived in Kuala Lumpur if you’re walking in this park all the time would you use the view yep we should have breakfast post the food here is an event these trees in this park are so cool singing loving Kuala Lumpur it’s just a blend of a lot of different things that I’ve really loved in locations, and to be honest after spending so much time in Bali which is great.

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But it’s so different, and I was really ready for more of a modern city. So 76 exploring is perpetrating super-hard now Stefan some fewer idea, and for our viewers yet oh that was awesome meeting some new friends in cafe now we really have to come back to Malaysia. Because they recommended all of these super awesome places that we have to go, and they all sound amazing yep have to now okay I don’t know where to go Libby are you hungry for some more awesome food yes yes we have good dinners yeah last night we had two dinners. Because the food is so awesome here, and good for me yes now double meals yeah gonna head to the street where they have a lot of authentic street food everything smells. So good there’s a lot going on okay Oh so much everything smells. So good had a lot of gum place jockeying cry sweet potato pink sofa, and please sound like a Nona Kuala Lumpur at night it’s so beautiful.

So this is the view from the balcony of our Airbnb it’s not really about me it’s only this one. But you’ll look. So amazing. So guys those are my first adventures in Kuala Lumpur I kind of planned to make only one post about Kuala Lumpur. Because I was only there for such a short amount of time. But the next post that, I’m going to do about the Batu Caves I just really wanted to do a separate post. Because it was so amazing. So that coming up, and then right off that, I’m going to Australia. So see you there thanks for reading bye.

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