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With each footstep the sand slid downhill beneath me. On Urumqi Metro Map reaching the ridge I lay down with my elbows hooked over it, gulped some water from Urumqi Metro Map my flask, and gazed out over an ocean of huge dunes, motionless like petrified waves. Between them were valleys and basins of firm rippled sand, and ridges throwing sharply defined shadows. The Gobi is reputed to be full of kweC Yin demons connected with death and darkness. Old travellers’ diaries record the illusion of human voices at night in the desert. There are also shen, spirits of minor deities who avenge wrongdoing, while mo are inhuman demons, wholly evil.

If the half-human creature does exist in the shop’s basement, it may be another manifestation brought from some other time. Who knows how long this inhuman being has lurked within the aged stone walls of this place.

Evidence review began. We hoped to discover if the visions Mari had seen would be validated with evidence collected during the investigation. Whatever doubts Bev and I had about demons, possessions, exorcism and deliverance would soon begin to crumble.

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