what is up guys. And welcome to today’s post where I’ll be showing, you what.

I packed in all three of these bags everything from clothing to camera equipment. And the reason. I’m packing for this trip is.

I’m actually going to the Philippines for a month. And a half and. I need to make sure that.

I pack efficiently. So that. I don’t have too much equipment but.

I also want to make sure that. I have everything. So that.

I’m not stuck on the middle of an island being like. I really wish. I had this here piece of equipment or clothing.


So without further ado let’s hop into the post now one thing. I should mention before we start is that, this is a bit of an illusion, this is actually gonna be a reverse packing post because. I’ve actually been in the Philippines now for two weeks the truth of the matter is one of my hard drives actually went corrupt software issues caused me to not be able to access old files.

So. I’m not filming this for the second time, but honestly, this is only to your benefit because. I can show, you what’s actually been in the bag and.

I can give, you a bit of an idea of what’s working. And what’s not the first thing that we’re gonna talk about is this big kahuna right here, this is my go to travel suitcase, it’s where. I store my clothing.

And other miscellaneous equipment. So. I’m gonna go ahead.

And open this up. So what. I love about this suitcase is that it actually gives me a lot more space than.

I need. And trust me. I have a lot of stuff when.

I travel. I do tend to go a little bit over the weight limit when I get on planes, but usually the stop working there aren’t too tough on me.

I usually just take out a couple kilos. And carry them in my arms as. I get on the plane they’re actually pretty cool with that.

So don’t be afraid to pack over just a little bit usually airlines are somewhat reasonable as long as you’re able to take a bit of weight out of your suitcase in this case. I’m actually just on par with the weight. I needed.

So starting on this side, this is my clothing side and. I want to show, you exactly what. I would pack for a typical one month plus trip to Southeast Asia.

And even if you’re going for like two weeks your pack will be very similar the number-one rule of thumb is to have at least one week’s worth of clothing these are my t-shirts. I’ve got six or seven t-shirts right here everything from a button-up shirt to a typical t-shirt in total. I’ve got six to seven of these super handy you’re gonna be wearing a lot of t-shirts when you’re in Southeast Asia in addition to teachers.

I also like to have cutoff shirts, it’s just a very well fitted handcrafted lost tank top very nice great for Southeast Asia and. So the reason. I like to have these as days when.

I’m out on the water when I’m on a scooter one thing, you do need to be mindful of is make sure, you have sunblock on those areas. So for that reason.

I do wear t-shirts more often just because. I do get my shoulders for quite a bit when I wear these, but once in a while good to have.

I would like to have two to three of those when I come traveling. So in total around seven to eight shirts because you’re in the heat you’re gonna be wearing a pair of shorts just about every single day and, you can wear shorts two days in a row unless you’re like profusely sweating which, you probably will be in this case.

I like to bring at least four to five pairs of shorts with that being said. I like to have one to two bathing suits I’d like to have two because when one is drying, you can at least put a nice dry set on, you know nobody likes to put on wet shorts for the second time. So three to four maybe five pairs of shorts if you really want to pack heavy.

I also really like this style short it doesn’t have a liner, it’s very light material. And it dries super quickly it can go as a swim short or as a typical pair of shorts. So these are great for traveling Southeast Asia you’re also going to want at least one long sleeve shirt.

So in this case. I’ve got this incredibly well fitted lost long-sleeve. And they’re fantastic for travel days because often when you’re Southeast Asia if you’re going somewhere you’re gonna be in an air-conditioned bus or a plane.

And they do like to crank the cold air. So for that reason have a long-sleeve and. I also like to have my los sweatshirt.

And another sweatshirt. I usually bring two sweatshirts for the exact same reason. I stated when.

I’m doing work in my hotel room similar to this one here. I like to have the AC blasting. I’ve got my sweatpants on my sweater on the reason being is you’ve been in the hot air all day, it’s nice to have that cold air with a bit of warmth from clothing.

So one to two sweaters, you guys are gonna make me repack my bag. I hope you’re happy. I like to bring at least seven pairs of underwear again going back to the one week rule where you’ve got a pair for every single day of the week, but to be honest.

I usually bring nine to ten because they don’t take up much room and, you don’t want find yourself in a situation where you’re running out of underwear. I also go commando a lot, but maybe that’s too much information same thing goes for socks 7 to 10 pairs this year is another little denim long-sleeve if not necessary, but if. I’m going out for the night in let’s say Manila at least it can be dressed up a little bit.

And it can be worn on a more casual basis open button nice for a beach now for pants as, you can see. I like to wear my joggers. So these here are rates are more lightweight than denim, but they still give, you the option to be somewhat dressed up maybe at night you’re going up into the mountains it can get colder.

So, it’s great to have a pair of jeans or a pair of joggers like this. I would only recommend bringing one to two at most. I like to bring a towel because if you’re on the beach, it’s good to have something to lay down on or if you’re staying in a hostel.

And they don’t provide them then again you’re gonna want a towel, this is something. I highly recommend is getting some little tote bags, you can get them at like your local grocery store when, you buy groceries they’re great because if you’ve got something super dirty let’s say, you just come from a hike your feet are covered in mud your shoes are all dirty, you don’t have time to clean them at least, you can throw them in the tote. And then pack them in your suitcase.

And it won’t get everything else dirty now it doesn’t really track the scent if you’ve got wet shoes or wet clothing in there the smell can spread. So make sure not to have it in there forever, but, it’s a good temporary solution. And if you’re doing laundry.

I like to just fill up one of these totes with all the dirty clothing pass that off to the laundromat now ask for shoes. I usually bring three pairs of shoes so. I bring a pair of running shoes let’s say.

I’m going hiking or something that involves a bit of physical exertion. I like to bring a pair of sliders or flip-flops thongs for all your Z’s. I also like to have a pair of casuals like these ones right here these ones will be on my feet as.

I’m walking around or, you know going to the airport. So they won’t usually be in my bag, but usually there will just be two pairs of shoes in my suitcase at any given time now we’re on to the miscellaneous side of my suitcase. I’m gonna show, you what else we got in here.

So this here is my little toiletry bag, it’s nice to have a little box, this is actually a traveler’s protip one time. I was in Panama and. I left my toothbrush out next to the sink.

I came back to the sink only to see a couple cockroaches just hanging out on toothbrush. So take it as a pro tip that, you always want to have somewhere to safely store your toothbrush because bugs like moisture. And bugs love to live in Southeast Asia.

So what do we got inside here we got a pair of glasses because well they’re protected in here toothbrush obvious. I have cologne not necessary, but nice face moisturizer for nights when I get burnt deodorant definitely an essential for the amount you’ll be sweating here.

I’ve got different conditioners. And shampoos that. I’ve taken from the hotels like staying at that’s a bit of a traveller’s pro tip always take this stuff pair of tweezers if you ever get a sliver or, you know you’re starting to grow a unibrow and.

I actually don’t have to deal with that. I have like no body hair, but, it’s for another day this year is a beard trimmer. I want to keep the stubble, but at the same time.

I can’t grow a thick beard so. I need to trim it every now. And then this year is definitely a great thing to bring, this is sanitizer.

And I’d actually recommend putting that in more of your day-to-day backpack for a days when you’re like oh cute dog. I need to touch it. And then you’re like okay it might have a disease sanitizing.

And last thing. I bring a comb, it’s easy small it fits. And it helps me keep my hair on matted.

I also don’t have it in there right now, but I’d like to travel with Tylenol some sort of like a medication that in the event. I had an infection or a headache or something was really bothering me at least. I have that little something to take the edge off.

I don’t have it with me right now, but that’s probably the only medication. I really travel with. I know a lot of people travel with bandages.

And gauze strips, it’s actually a great idea. I’m not the one to do it because. I’m not very organized, but, it’s something that.

I highly recommend putting in your travel bag because, you never know when you’re gonna need it, but when, you need it you’ll be glad, you packed it right here, it’s good to have a glasses carrier or something that, you can store a couple of them in because even if you don’t bring sunglasses here, you can buy them for $5 from a vendor at least, you have somewhere to store them. So the lenses don’t get scratched. So the frames don’t get broken by heavier things in your bags.

So, this is good to have another thing in which. I actually don’t have on this trip. I’m breaking my own rule but.

I love to have drawstring bags basically they can fold up into something. So small that it takes no room in your bag. And for day trips when, you need let’s say a small digital camera your passport.

And your wallet, you can easily throw it into the drawstring bag. And take up almost no room in your luggage great to have. So got one ball cap I’ll, you should bring two.

I have a universal adapter always do research what country you’re going to, you can buy adapters in the countries, but, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation like being on a plane and, you can’t plug in. So having an adapter like, this is quite good, it’s very handy. I got a couple watches.

I got aloe vera in here which that should be in my toiletry bag, this is more for, you camera people, this is a stabilizer. So, this is the Ronin it actually fits inside my check-in luggage and. I know for, you you’re probably thinking.

I would never trust that inside my check. And luggage what if it goes missing. And the truth is.

I just don’t have room in my carry-on bags anymore. I’ve stuffed them so much with other gear that it has to go in here and.

I just hope that everything turns out. So far it has. So run it in here.

I bought this awesome Sennheiser shotgun mic. I really love it by the way all the equipment will be linked down below if you’re curious now let’s hop into the camera bags. And as, you can see here.

I’ve got two camera bags that. I’m always traveling with these are my two carry-on bags even when I’m traveling alone.

I can actually bring both of these bags both of them on my shoulders onto any plane. I’ve never had any issues aside from one time. I was asked to weight my bags.

I had to pay a very very painful overage but I was able to actually hide a few items out of the bag so. I did minimize the weight a little bit the first thing.

I want to talk about is this year Lowepro bag. And this thing is fantastic, it’s actually open from the back which is a great safety feature because nobody can come. And open the bag while you’re not paying attention they have to literally take it off your back another great thing about it is that, it’s actually got a rain proof protector built into the bag so.

I can just wrap it up in this plastic, it’s strapped right into the bag. So, you won’t lose it both bags offer that feature, it’s fantastic. And, it’s a must-have if you’re planning to travel Southeast Asia or anywhere with expensive camera equipment make sure you’re protected from a rainstorm this has actually saved my butt in many many rain storms as well as being on boats that are getting smashed by waves that actually happen a couple times this trip.

So glad that it came with those plastic protector this bag is actually kind of empty right now. And the reason being. I’m filming with the camera that would usually sit inside here again a 1dx mark – with the 16 to 35 lens.

I would typically be sitting in here. I’ve got an external audio recorder which is also in use right now on the camera. I fit inside here my m5 camera, this is a canon camera.

And, it’s basically a backup it allows me to do blogging stuff more casual footage, but, it’s still a great camera. I’ve got my 70 to 200 which if you watch my must three have lenses you’ll see that this was not included. And that’s why.

I literally have not used this lens this trip it could stay at home for all. I care. I don’t really use it.

I’ve got a pair of Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones which are fantastic for airline stuff like flying across the world. And a crying baby is in your ear, you won’t even hear them. I love it.

I also have an extra a backup microphone this one actually broke on this trip. So did that one, but it seems like we got it to work temporarily we’ve had some bad luck on this trip with equipment, it’s been ridiculous. And on the front.

I typically keep my passport or a wallet inside of here. And using this strap. I actually strap being tripod or.

I put the tripod inside the big kahuna suitcase, you saw earlier okay. So if you had to buy just one backpack that would last, you years. And basically get, you through any of your equipment needs.

I would say this one especially if you plan to use that guy right there any form of professional sized drone, you don’t need it if you have a Mavic, but if you’ve got a phantom three a phantom four a phantom 4 CRO, this is the best backpack. I sold it to. So many of my friends.

And they loved it. So open up the side slot here. I can fit up to two MacBooks in here 15 inches that’s how.

I travel. So that my assistant can help me using the laptop and. I’ve got my own laptop in here too.

I’ve got my charger stuffed in here. I’ve got a power bar that allows me to plug in up to like five devices into one single outlet be careful, you don’t blow a power source right in here. I’ve got the propellers for the drone up top here.

I’ve got the remote for the drone in here. I store my receipts for the trip. So as a business owner.

I need to collect all my receipts they go in here they stay nice. And safe in there now, this is how the bag opens up its main storage unit and, this is where the drone sits as, you can see, it’s got like a very unique cross shape that’s how the drone perfectly fits in there, it’s safely stored. And, it’s never any issues while traveling knock on wood in here you’ve got two little side bags and, this is where.

I keep my hard drives. I keep some of my extra cables adapters basically cables. And adapters right in here.

I actually found this box, it’s a low pro box. And by some miracle it perfectly fits inside of this here Manfrotto bag they’re not made to be together, but they seem like they are, it’s a perfect marriage. I’ve got my 35 1.

4 Sigma and. I’ve got my 100 2.8 Canon lens.

And if you want to know more about these lenses there’s actually a post. I made about my must 3 lenses. And those two are in that list you’ll see right in here, you actually have this little meshing.

And that’s where the waterproofing plastic is stored. So, you can use that strapped it on top of here sometimes. I even keep a hard drive in here as well as my drone.

And deep filters. So altogether, this is my laptop drone bag plus lens bag this bag is fantastic it stood the test countless times, it’s been travelling with me for almost two years straight. And.

I’m sure it will last me many more trip this trip to the Philippines could not be made possible without sponsors. And today’s sponsor is mixed book they sent me this beautifully printed book what. I did was.

I went to mix book calm. I picked my favorite images from all my Instagram stuff uploaded it used it on their templates just drag. And drop hit print.

And basically within a couple weeks they mailed it right to my house like there’s something. So cool about having all your images physically in your hand Instagram is great, but nothing beats having a beautiful coffee table book. And mix book did an amazing job at this as.

I mentioned to, you guys earlier Jamie and. I have been in the Philippines now for two weeks you’ve got to see our Instagram we’ve been up to some crazy things instagrams a little bit ahead, but you’ll soon be seeing what’s coming in the posts. I want to get the next post up in the next couple of days and.

I want to talk a little bit about what this trip is. So as, you may have seen in my previous Thailand series. I went to Thailand to rediscover the country.

I wanted to find the hidden gems well essentially that’s what we’re doing here with this Philippines trip. I want to find the islands that not even the Filipinos are talking about. And show them the true beauty that’s hidden on each of these islands.

So far we have done just that right now we’re actually enjoying a bit of a relaxation in Boracay was just far from a hidden gem, but the previous islands we’ve been to have been in credible and. I cannot wait to share that with, you another fun thing that. I plan to try out in the series is like a song of the day kind of thing.

I have a lot of music that. I listen to on a daily basis that. I would love to share with, you guys.

I’m gonna find ways to introduce a song of the day into every single post. So that. I can hopefully help, you expand your playlist with some cool music this series is going to be by far the best strip out of any of my trips this year cannot wait to share with, you if you were a fan of the last Philippine series then you’re gonna absolutely love this upcoming one if you’re new to the blog make sure to click that face right up there hit the comment button.

So that you’re notified when new posts just like this are coming from the Philippine series if you’re coming to the Philippines, this is where things get exciting. I’ve actually made an entire Travel Guide for, you everything from the hidden gems the must-see places how to pack your bags how to avoid scams how to set up your bank all the stuff, you need to know there’s actually a 5 hot tips to the Philippines that, you can check out just click that little button right down there it’ll get, you all set up for your trip. And without further ado guys let’s get lost again in the next one in the Philippines.

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