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In 2009, Chinese scientists said they had determined the source of the Yangtze River to be the Damqu River. These waters come from a glacier on the slopes of the Tanggula Mountains

LEFT: Melting ice from glaciers like this one in the Tanggula Mountains feeds the Damqu River, the source of the Yangtze River.

A small boat travels on the Yangtze River in the Wu Xia Gorge, the middle gorge of the famous Three Gorges, before the water level rose following construction of the Three Gorges Dam.

During the colonial period, threshing was most often done by beating the rice stalks with flails. Slaves also used the mortar-and-pestle technique, which they brought with them from Africa, to remove rice grains from their husks. Several slaves, usually women, cleaned the grain a little bit at a time by placing it in a wooden mortar and beating it with a wooden pestle. China Metro Map In October, slaves fanned the threshed grain in wide, flat winnowing baskets made from an African design. Rice production increased dramatically in South Carolina after 1705 and was critical to the colony’s development. Plantation owners exported large quantities of rice throughout the world. By 1739, South Carolina had exported 764,280 barrels or 143,986 tons of rice. From the 1750s through the late nineteenth century, South Carolina remained Country’s leading rice producer.

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