welcome to a brand-new adventure right now. I’m just leaving Lima Peru. And.

I’m joined alongside by a last-minute addition, you may know her if you’ve watched my first series or, you watch the Amazon series if you haven’t go back. And watch them what is up get the where are we going Lani Miami alright guys we’ve just arrived here in Miami before let’s, you know whenever Miami is like really Latin right yeah super super Latin it was about five. And a half hours to get from Lima here to Miami.


And now we’re meeting up with Kathy’s aunt. So that we can drop some stuff off do a bit of shopping if you’re reading this as she’s your cousin okay, this is my second time in Miami when I was here last time.

I was actually here with a work thing. So, this is back in the day when I was at my accounting firm they sent me down to Orlando Disneyland to go to enjoy my final moments of freedom before becoming a full-time employee luckily.

I enjoyed that internship. And then got out of there after enjoying Disneyland in Miami. I pretty much left the corporate life.

And started up my youtube blog full-time. And that’s brought me to here now. And what better way to start off the trip to Miami.

I going to Dolphin Mall yeah you’ve been here. I’m gonna get some clothing for some upcoming trips. And my big move to Bali she’s gonna be doing my styling she even gave me like an idea of what.

I should be wearing based on my vein colors. I made, you a PDF with everything, you had to wear and, you never use it. I did a study a study she did an analysis of me.

And based on my vein color my skin tone my eyes. And my hair color she’s like, this is the kind of colors, you should be using you’re like a child at Disneyland no, this is mine what fine artist because he was telling me how a Johnny rocker they do like fine art with the ketchup Kathy. I found your store we’re finding some really good deals like.

I stuffed a bag full of clothing it cost me like 90 bucks for probably six or seven shirts just got two awesome pairs of shoes including a pair of boating shoes because of where we’re going, but there’s only one hour left until they close well guys it is right now 9:30 the mall is closing we shop till we drop but I was like two hours of solid shopping like. I don’t think, you could shop any faster than that Kathy is a pro she doesn’t even try clothing on she just like looks at it.

And then buys it. And she knows if it’ll fit. I can’t do that.

I don’t have that level of trust no very nice Oh Kathy foe Oh. I scream. I’m putting the brakes on, this is one of those arcade crane games and, you know the game is rigged when that MacBook Pro is from like 2013 nobody has won it Cathy Congrats we now the proud owner of a new Sun, it’s a new special they have going out in the store and, you spent over five hundred dollars, you get a child three.

And a half hours later we left Miami. And we’ve just touched down in the beautiful island of Antigua apparently, it’s actually pronounced Antigua. I’ve been singing it wrong the whole time my bad.

I have to introduce, you to a couple people. We’ll be sailing with them for the next week what’s up Riley hi hey guys, this is Elena. And like what they brought us welcoming pineapples they’re really pointy.

I have a rash of my own, it’s really windy. So with the wind we’re actually gonna be changing our travel plans a little bit we’re gonna stay put for a day or two that right oh yeah. I’m we’re gonna go instead of going to the eight side of the oven we’re gonna go around the west side.

And take shelter hard a little bit well sad yeah 1000 BC mankind is just starting off discouraging for food all yes to tasty are, you excited should. I tell them where we’re going see okay great guys we have touched down in the beautiful island of Antigua all that travel has 100% been made worth it by this beautiful beach, but the exciting thing is is that Cathy and. I are not ending our tropical adventures here.

I’m very excited to announce that. I’ve actually partnered with Skype. And Skype is going to be sending me.

And Kathy to Hawaii to go. And explore, but the unique thing about this trip is that basically, you guys get to help us plan it check out the link down below to my skype bot where, you can actually interact with an AI bought, you can ask it questions it’ll give, you answers about Who. I am about why.

I’m going to Hawaii and, you can even help vote on where we should go in Hawaii what activities we do whether, it’s cage diving with sharks whether we climb the top of a mountain or learn the traditional dance of the people, you guys can get involved. And help us make it the best trip yet. So.

I’m really excited about that we’re also going to be posting a bit of exclusive content there that, you can only see on the Skype bot okay, you have no idea how many is for me to go dude very excited for the upcoming trip, but let’s go. And explore this beautiful beach take that fishes is that standard yeah. I like how casual that is that that’s a meal oh my God look at the fish is huge oh my God look at that.

And, it’s huge. So here it is guys that’s the SLV. I expected it to be a little bigger rightly, but yeah we can all cozy up we can’t all fit inside the dinghy.

So they’re gonna take our luggage kindly to the SLV sailing a vagabond the ship that will be on for the next week, but in the meantime we’re gonna hang out here bye guys enjoy your new gear, this is very chill, it’s beautiful people seem to be very nice. And funny yeah funny fun party too like they made a joke. I’ve never done anything like this before.

I could not be more excited. And this island is incredibly beautiful Riley. And Alayna do seem really cool.

So we gotta start our trip off with a carob beer cerveza is beer bear oh the Aussie way of saying it yeah we got a bears what the big piece well oh he’s back oh my gosh, it’s freaking huge. I like his mouth -. I like it – what, you call the flavor flavor labor-saving it holds a bit of flavor when a good spot is it pronounced Antigua or Antigua we see Antigua most of the tourists in Antigua, but we see Antigua he wanted sound like us the Antigua Latika thank, you very much good to see, you later, it’s like.

I like Riley’s moustache the flavor savor the ocean adventures begin mucho porque no se nada pero nada sobre el Mar Y como confirming Ellis he ke mo Sundays a straight, you know where, you know how to say much in Spanish be coffee we got a we got this marks history. I am right now standing on the SLV. I’ve made it here in Antigua yeah it feels good man welcome to Port night, this is such a beautiful way to start a trip with the sky just lit up.

So, you can come on board. And I’ll show, you around why don’t we come on down here just the poop deck. And you’re a chef, but let me show, you to your room oh my god yeah come with me my friends if.

I’m standing in front of your shop oh here’s the bunk well look at that. So, you can see the water right over there oh. I get to wake up next to that how many bathrooms are on this boat one for, you one for us very nice, this is your whole albums on the other side okay, this is this Ferran, you guys can stick your suitcases in here yeah sorry, this is the toilet not as scary as, you think, it’s just like a regular toilet okay.

So if you can’t use too much toilet paper okay like that okay perfect fill up with water okay we couldn’t spare a square that feels it up yeah what, you gotta do toilet paper in and, you got one of those maps where, you scratch off where you’ve been Turkey France be there from Australia. And even Scouts that one yet he’s got a jump the dinghy we took a little dinghy. And we’ve just arrived here at this little coastal restaurant try it on the water, it’s beautiful the animal sees Eli now in my back to the SLV it’s.

So windy wow, this is really bouncy someone let the Latino okay. ?

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