Sandboarding Experience in Ica Peru

It looks like I’m going skiing, and I am, but as you can see, I’m not bundled up. That’s because I’m going skiing in a desert. On the sand dunes south of Lima. Let’s have some fun.

So this shop is like any ski shop you’d see at a mountain. You get yourself geared up, you get yourself sized up, and you can choose between a snowboard or skis. You gotta earn these turns. Hike up this hill. Makes the downhill feel a lot better. Wee! Yeah, baby! So we’ve done the practice runs, we’re all feeling pretty good. Now we’re getting loaded up in the chair lift, a.k.a. dune buggy, and it’s gonna take us up real high.

Sandboarding Experience in Ica Peru Photo Gallery

Oh man, that buggy ride was insane. We were flying through the desert. And now, look at this spot where they brought us. Look at that view. Miles and miles of sand dunes, in the far off distance you can see the Andes mountains. This is one of those times in life where you have to pinch yourself, you gotta be like, Is this real life? Alright, this is the big one. This is the one we’ve been practicing for all day. Looks pretty huge, but I think we can do it. This is very exciting. Please come here.

We are in Huacachina. It’s extremely fun. You should totes come here. Woo, baby. Yeah, this feels good. This has been an absolutely incredible tour. And there’s really only one word for it, and it is fun. It’s accessible, the guide is great and teaches you how to do it, and it’s just, it’s just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

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