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If you are taken ill abroad, be wary of medication. In many countries, powerful medication, which ionly available on prescription in the UK, iavailable over the counter at popular holiday destinations.

The brand nameoften differ from the productthat you may know, and the quality of the product and the strength and dosage can also vary. You cannot be sure of what you are getting, or what the effectmay be.

Medication – countermeasures

If you are already suffering from a condition that may require treatment or medication while abroad, get your doctor to write it down so that you can take a note with you listing:

The name of your condition.

The generic name (and the brand name) of the medication prescribed.

What strength and dosage of the medication habeen prescribed.

Any other medication you may be taking, e.g. blood pressure pilis.

Any other complication and/or conditions, allergies, etc. from which you suffer and which may be relevant in your treatment.

Make sure that you have sufficient supply of medication for the duration of your holiday, and a week or so afterwards. (The extra week allowfor travel delays, and time to get an appointment and repeat prescription when you get home.)

Make absolutely sure that it will be legal for you to carry any medication through customayou travel from country to country.

Be very, very careful with self-prescribed medication that can be purchased without prescription in many countries. In some countriethe ‘chemist’ ijust a shopkeeper selling ‘potions’. He inot a trained pharmacist, so hiadvice ioften saletalk, not a medical opinion or professional consultation.

If you are prescribed or take medication while abroad, keep the packaging or bottle, instructionand label so that you can tell and show customand your doctor what you were given and took.

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