Harare Map

Harare Map
1688 The Dominion of New England expands to encompass New York Harare Map and the two Jerseys under the leadership of Sir Edmund Andros. The seeds are sown during this Harare Map period for the establishment of East and West Jersey as royal colonies, but the Glorious Revolution and King William’s War (or the War of the League of Augsburg) eventually delay proceedings and restore the status quo, albeit temporarily. 1690s Both Jerseys experience unrest as colonists fight against the proprietors in a number of venues, including the assemblies and town governments.

At the same time, the proprietors are fighting to uphold their monopoly on land sales in the region and establish Perth Amboy’s port as a free port; ships are generally required to land at New York City first and pay customs duties. The Crown becomes increasingly interested in the right of government, a dispute that lingers from the colonies’ earliest days.

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