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Rwanda Map Tourist Attractions themselves, as inconsistently as is usual for any crazed, distempered person to do. The group made their way down the hall, finally stopping in the last room with the boarded window. John and Aaron entered with the thermal imager. Bev followed close behind, video camera in hand. Aaron scanned the room while John carefully watched the monitor for unusual heat variations.

Aaron abruptly stopped, angling the imager to the floor. He turned his head back to John and quietly said, “There’s a fading handprint on the floor. Do you see it?”

“Yeah, I see that.”

Bev and Melanie looked at the monitor and saw the fading heat signature of a five-finger handprint.

John reached down to check it out. “It’s going away. It’s fading away.”

“Was it cold?” Melanie was referring to the heat signature recorded on the imager.

“No, it’s warm. It was a handprint. It’s almost gone now.”

The third floor had been vacant for the last couple of hours. Certainly no one had been in the room since Melanie’s group began their investigation 30 minutes earlier. Even then, if someone had come back and placed their hand on the floor it would have left an impression. The floor was covered with dust. Their footprints could easily be seen but the dust was undisturbed where the image of the hand appeared. It was completely untouched.

Melanie encouraged whoever was in the room to give them another sign. Bev asked if they would touch the wall or ceiling and leave another handprint.

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