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The captain to Croatia everyone we’re just going to be in Croatia for the next week we are doing a yacht crew is teaming up with a company called Med sailor which one Yaqui we’re going to go around Croatia it’s going to be beautiful the flight inward incredible it’s so green here, and the orange building I cannot wait. But let’s go catch a taxi all the way to the yacht thank you so much for picking us up yes thank you guys just look at this year we’re currently it’s a split Harbor we just think serve our favorite things, and we’re ready to go jump on the boat sir okay someone is ready to go on a yacht cruise he wasn’t really sure on it that looks cool, I’m glad you got it you have to wear it now though I was on the hunted, and I saw this very where, I’m like yep I need one of those we have like a few hours until our yacht leaves. So we just dumped our bag checked in, and we just kind of googled what’s the closest town, and we can chill place called troga it’s like a little island off the coast of split well I think if this constitutes as an island it’s don’t utilize me as Prague it does like with the the colors of the Roos, and stuff kind of it want to go some lunch. But I happened. So I really needed was I’ve kind of stolen it now. Because my hair is on fleek today this has been up since 2:00 in the morning it’s so cute here oh this is very tail what is the on the car he’ll be worn with new stuff that’s so cool alright let’s go find you what do you want to eat I wonder what like it what’s your item user why am I thinking piece on we had officers not that long ago 12 hours ago literally I stopped posting, and then I had to put the camera back on the first shop we see is Luigi p3 art looks like a medieval town it’s so cute is this a hotel.

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Because this would be. So cool to stay up this way thank you we lost yeah I don’t even know where we’re going we just walked to the island guys you can see why they post Game of Thrones in Croatia this looks like a medieval town it is Dubrovnik where they do most of the posting. But just walking around here is so cool yeah no no no no no can you stop it we need a proper we need a proper meal yeah I kind of convinced him to have pincer again we came to Luigi’s or dig in grab it oh we know it’s the best food oh man lunch with Oberyn we’re just going for a bit of an explore now to walk around the town, I’m like a third time I wanna lick its niggas oh my goodness ha ha good alright guys you just come to our yacht we found out that our catamaran is going to meet us at the next stop. So we’re going to be on the lead boat here as you can see there are so many made sailor boats taken up we’ve got the lead captain just here, and we’re going to chill with him for the rest of the afternoon you don’t realize how big these yachts are we’re actually on a catamaran which is even bigger than the walking it on the yacht these are kind of cool. So we’re just going to be catching those just to the next stop, and then we’re going to be jumping on our boat I think probably going to look like something like that over there this is us for the afternoon on my honeymoon you’ve given job Salus Eve all these you come on magic walk adios amigo the trip is officially beginning it is so beautiful like hood you have designed this I didn’t expect I don’t think I expected Croatia meeting people we’ve just left it on like it’s amazing, and live it all the way.

So they were all following them I think custom is an 18 votes or something today all heading yeah we’re all heading out together, and I saw a sneak peek at some of the catamaran which were actually going to be going on later, and they look amazing in crucial village it is hot chocolate roasted really hard Shiva Shiva Shiva to Larry shivering sorry all right I just got to our first stop we’re here in Milner it looks like a cute little poor little town on the on the way like an old little fishing village we stopped you to all have dinner together the first night together we’ve been getting to know all the people that are on our boat, and there is a go from the UK who’s actually postging as well will link her blog down below in Grogan tape will inch other issues image logging as well circle hotel down below, and then we’re also traveling with four New Zealanders we just awesome which is the enemy to Australia just. So you guys know. So we’ll see how we go with the week. But they’re nice I think I was going great, and actually they all move in UK pretty much. So it’s really doing much from you yeah. But everyone’s super nice, and they’ve gone for a depth. But we’re going to go show you guys around you really want to have any sort of cute is this town then there really isn’t much of it it’s small.

But it’s enough to be. So beautiful, I’m really enjoying our time in Croatia. So far shall we all do a toast for the first day of the trip there have an amazing week Jame Taylor who is everyone a great choice to say Jubilee hi generally oh thank you are you ready mornin girlfriend 7 yeah yeah yeah well Cheers with you empty talk. So Noah always goes oh yes bring are you this experience this what a good of you to make a love you very much they consistently look is what it’s all bye Hey everybody, and welcome to the first official day of our med sailors week we are just leaving Milner just behind the cutest little town that I’ve ever stayed in, I’m really starting to fall in love a Croatian. But last night we jumped on our catamaran just after dinner, and we’ll give you guys two tours out very serious where we’re going to be living for the next week as you can see with the catamaran it’s huge. So all the rooms are down there which will tell you about soon we’ve got an outdoor chill zone. But this has got to be the best seat in the house the whole squad is down here taking it all in, and we have like these little next we can just chill on yeah, and enjoy look at it the life this is the most important man on the boat this is Bruno from Brazil who is our captain skipper looks after us you having a good time yeah good good since the green it’s origin for the sails open off Oh that’d be awesome if if the sails up someone’s stolen your job you’re going to lose your job soon Bruno she’s taken over that’s a good girl are you doing anything or is it just on automatic driving.

So I got introduced dude this is Brogan another r on the boat are you doing yeah yeah yeah fantastic day yeah yeah we say all such metal you guys have to check out broken stuff, I’ll leave a link below then you can get like you can get like another perspective on the body. So check out that she actually did it last year increases measures yeah the grief left him the best part my life as you can see this place is huge. Because we’re on the catamaran of an indoor lounge room, and then of course we have an outdoor we did have breakfast we need to clean up. But that’s why it’s a bit messy. But anyway through yeah we can just chill just come in here. So we can show them just how big this place is it’s a lounge area with a little kitchen which we just had some coffee which I feel like we need of make with more on there you can chill up here, and then it’s split in two. So we have bedrooms down here bedroom toilet shower bedroom.

But we’ll show you our. So just down here if we’re we’re going to be living. So we got one of the other guilds rooms in there. So I met you guys unbelievable, and then, I’ll show you guys the toilet. So you can see just what you have – we have a bathroom this becomes the shower which is fine, and then you have like a fully operational it’s quite spacious to be honest for your bathroom, and then this is where we are saying this is our our room. So this is a double bed like I know it’s curved in. But we had to sleep out last night it was super comfy you can chill in there we have a porthole.

So we can watch the stars when we sleep, and then we have like quite a bit of space to store everything. So, I’m just doing a bit of a charge sesh at the moment we have luggage down here we’ve got our big bag here. Because of course we’re traveling for two months. So probably suggest you go take a brick wall about if you come on these trips. But it’s fine like we got away with this that’s fine, and then we have more luggage here more stories there, and in this charging. So when we’re in court we can charge otherwise when on the boat I think we just use like cigarette lighters you know like in your car. But otherwise it’s fine, and then we come back out here, and this is going to be our home for the next week I don’t think I think a plane I think this is going to be an incredible week.

So I feel like there’s going to be a lot of this just relaxing taking in the Sun oh yeah we have little little wrist bands which are kind of cool, and we’re just going to casually go to the next spot do you know what the next spot is don’t snap or just see when we get this bail is going up alright guys we just saw a random Bay on our way to our destination, and we thought you know what let’s just take it slow it down, and go for a swim. So this is the beautiful bay we are in some of the other ships decided to follow us, and I think we’re just gonna have a if you call it a beach day. But we’re going to call it a beach there is going to go for a swim have some lunch get some sunshine hopefully get a tan. Because I need to work a little bit more on my tan housekeeper Bruno is an amazing chef, and our first lunch is naughty that’s good that’s great good yeah it was honestly being one of the most relaxing afternoon I have had in several months not someone for just playing about things done in. But my clue I everyone loved it it has been very nice until. But now we are heading to our destination for the night new rules old you know ten minutes way tender later, and we almost lost the doughnut. But the doughnut is behide it down now, and we’re going to enjoy the ride a bit of traffic at our parking spot for the nine guys this is where we adopt you okay guys this is where we have docked for the night all the other boats have stopped here as well, and that is where we’re having dinner that is the only restaurant in this entire Bay it’s actually the only building in this entire Bay we’re going to go for a bit of a paddle I know how this is going to work out of Jeb’s already juggling I kind of like it what the Kiwis have whipped out the wine, and cheese, and I just chillin enjoying the view Oh Jeff where are you going on it to be on that where you going bye you’re the one it’s so good be coming back coming in Oh whoever’s arrived everyone thank you looking very nice adenosine the only restaurant on the entire island I love it that’s the kitchen are we both also do not everyone is up there Neal this is kind of a unique restaurant it’s literally only building on this island, and we didn’t have much choice.

But Iran Spears look absolutely delicious, and the view the view is good this is the selling point of this please.

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