So you know I started sit out, and I was saying how I want to explore Bali on a moped it’s like almost midnight I don’t know where the hell, I’m at my moped breaks down on the side of the road in the rain you know what though this is the kind of stuff you live for when you travel getting lost in a foreign country that you’ve been to for a day, and a half smash that thumbs up button for go into a different country, and actually getting out there exploring it even if it doesn’t end the way you want to. But yet comments below your favorite part of the post it’s so crazy. Because this stuff seems. So forth to say when you’re lost in the middle of nowhere that is nice, and warm ah.


So there’s lots of times when I question why I live in New York City this morning is one of those times Monday morning February the 13th 2018 from Changu Bali Indonesia. So a pretty late starts in the morning I just slept for 12 hours, and I feel amazing at the end of yesterday’s logic surprised how I was I was creating real hard. But now I am awake I have a cup of coffee this is coffee number two only for the day it is a beautiful day, and Changu Bali oh my gosh. So this morning I didn’t post at breakfast just. Because I was in a waking up uh still very groggy like you don’t want to see what’s under these sunglasses they look at two macaroons yeah. But I went, and I had breakfast I had the most delicious Brazilian acai bowl that first day after you gets a new spot you’re still you know finding out the lay of the land you’re kind of exploring around, and walk out more villa this is our front yard some nice rice paddies planned for today, I’m going to finish up some work, and then, I’m going to go head into town, I’m going to rent the Secutor today. Because I feel like the fastest way to get around especially from reading friends posts is to get a scooter go explore on your own.

So that’s we’re going to go do gonna go get a scooter, and just explore about this is the spot oh hello oh hey P Hey Hey oh my gosh check this spot out Hey Hey mr. bird yeah the guy homeboys not here oh the scooter Restless fine there’s so many like let’s just round it going Thank You Simon young beautiful seminyak Selena is my tour guide she’s teach me how to pronounce all the names of the places here here about five times you’ve been here no fine you’ve only been here twice Oh should I buy boardshort well our first stop today is the shopping I can’t do it one pair for Jorge. So we’re here until upon getting bored short, and we’re doing now nothing now you can do a topless hold on me yeah no bacon is there instead I like the yellow. But very close to six. So I was going to five with both of them whoa I sense it has computer stuff in New Jersey I’ve taken it on back roads, and things like that. But never in a city like you look at this tree it’s pretty hectic there’s lots of scooter olena does, I’m going to ride the scooter. Because it’s just going to go hectic.

So this is my first time riding a scooter, I’m not going to post this. So either the next clip it’s going to be yeah you’ll see this huge change of plans we’re now getting two bikes. Because I have this huge backpack with all my gear in it, and we tried to both fit on this bike, and it just wasn’t happening. So now polina has her bike it’s $10 for two days for two value excites all we are going to lead the way, and yeah let’s see how this goes, and we made it alive no one crashed all right where did you take me potato head beach club when I first came to Bali I thought it was straight up in the middle of nowhere I thought was straight up jungle. But there’s places like that we are at this place cook Potato Head Beach Club, and this is like a perilous spot yeah yeah this is the spot where boy it’s like a club yeah. So while he has a lot of sides to it it has beach clubs, and it has like the jumbled vibes, and it has island vibe continues, and then there is nowhere, and there’s like waterfalls right skills. So as my tour guide you’re giving me a very mixed view of volure showing me the kind of touristy Club Miami Dubai party girl scene which is this it’s actually a lot of fun infinity pool there’s cabanas of people running around song Polina in her natural elements this isn’t really my scene you know beach bar I like to surf I like the jungles.

But you know it’s kind of a little bit of both, I’m going to get back on the bike we’re going to explore a legit exploring in Bali day are we lost Polina yeah yeah he’s away I look at Central here a 8,000 yeah which means applying by like 50 cents 50 cents for a whole bottle petrol look at that comes a little bottle are you gonna fix in a bottle vodka like that oh yeah Bobby oh yeah all of them here at Mach if you are ever in Bali get a scooter just cruise around get a sexy girl in a scooter, and you’re good to go wait what, I’m talking about, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to our friends exploring with Pia Polina has taken us to the middle of nowhere we’re at some rice fields now oh yeah that is beautiful though look at the work bill among farmers look at this see that’s how all the locals get their food done the rice fields, and then they also have weeks what are they burning over there that’s they burn trash here no way very smart too sometimes these are plastic in with it. But Dan that’s how we die yeah that’s why. So tell I had it now cuz we drove past I like this place. Because we went to that super bougie potato head Club, and now we are at the rice fields like off the beaten path in the middle of nowhere that’s the best thing about traveling hey hi be the rocker guy he knows what’s down he knows what’s good look at him daddy hey good airplane no he’s like no he’ll know we talk about old fella we got a crowd we got the drone going up in the sky by who we’re going back now direction here’s a navigator get us home home sweet home back down our little dirt road having a scooter is a game-changer here it’s the only way to get around oh my gosh look at that I had to stop for one second, and just post this. So peaceful we spent the whole day no joke the whole day from about 9 a.m. until now it’s sundown cruising Bali.

So somehow I was lured out to go to a club tonight, and you know me I am NOT the club kind of guy. But I figure you know what, I’m in Bali, I’m going to check it out, and he looks crazy there’s so many Australians here every person when they meet me they assume, I’m Australian it’s not I went to the club for maybe about 10 minutes we get there it’s an outdoor Club Boosh South raining rain kind of soft a little bit. But I have to go all the way back to the villa in the rain which is going to be kind of I mean I don’t really have any options like they have uber here. But I don’t want to leave the moped of access club helmet is on the next clip will either be me somewhere on the side of the road looking for directions or home in bed in the villa safe, I’m going back to the villa call Naren my moped breaks down on the side of the road in the rain I find a shop, and normally petrol like I said earlier today eight thousand fifty thousand for a litre of petrol. But in the rain in the middle of nowhere in a country all over the hell on that I would say that no no brain cohere goes through ok. So nice like Oh goodbye I have no more money just guys try to hustle me he wants to sell grain. So, I’m going to get back I have my petrol for way too much money next clip hopefully back at the Villa or maybe on the side of the road I started sit-out I was saying how I want to explore Bali on a moped it’s like almost midnight I don’t know where the hell, I’m at, I’m going to be back on my bike, and try to make it back to the villa everyone’s already there like they’re like where the hell are you I wish I knew what is that how is that you know what though this is the kind of stuff you live for when you travel getting lost in a foreign country that you’ve been to for a day, and a half my battery’s about to die on my camera my battery on my phone is shot you know that scene in Dumb, and Dumber where Harry, and Lloyd think it’s a great idea to drive across the country on that little scooter I have a pretty good memory, I’m pretty good at this stuff, and I feel like, I’m going in the right direction.

So without further ado there we go, I’m gonna get back on the road, I’m very close I have a feeling, I’m very very close smash that thumbs up button for going to different countries, and exploring, and getting in law hi-yah, I’ll see you tomorrow from Bali hopefully we’ll see good. So it took more everyone smiled more worried less, and live your passion.

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