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And that’s how you’re supposed to see buffalo at Yellow Stone – steaming fumarole, big burly shoulderswho really cares about the rain.

Just forty-five short minutes later we only have another forty-five minutes (or more) left to get through all those traffic jams and construction delays out of the park.

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Headed north, nearing Bozeman, that’s not really what I think it is trying to break through the clouds, is it? Luckily I’m pretty sure, as we near a motel in Montana an hour after leaving the last construction zone near Yellow Stone, we’ve spent less time stopped in traffic than we spent at the Old Faithful complexunless you add the travel time when the car was moving between stops.

Nasmythe (there are other spellings as well) is best remembered for his iconic portrait of his friend Rabbie Burns, thought to be the only authentic likeness of the poet. The bridge was restored in 1997-8, as it had partly collapsed in 1973 because of burst internal pipes. Have a look but don’t cross the bridge – continue up the west bank of the Almond. Further on, at a weir, you may wonder about a pulley system across the river to a small building. It is a SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) gauging station where regular information is collected and river quality monitored. Once a month samples are taken from the river, usually by just wading out – but in a spate the samples can be collected by using a gondola along the wire! Continuing, the path comes to the green arched ironwork of an unusual bridge – it carries the travel destination feeder (remember the feeder?) across the River Almond, and has a walkway on top of that; I heard an excited child say, Look! I’m walking on water. It dates to 1820, part of Hugh Baird’s travel destination work. Still keeping to the west bank, the next structure over feeder and river is the high (23m/75ft), nine-arched 1885 Camps Viaduct, which once led to mines, brickworks and oil industry sites at Pumpherston and Uphall. The roofed structure below it, like an extended church gateway, is thought to have been built as a precaution against anything being dropped off the viaduct. Further on, the instruments in the feeder and a sluice gate at a footbridge are more SEPA recording/control works.

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