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0.0 From the trailhead parking lot, walk about 100 feet toward

Lake Jeanette to the start of the trail on the left side of the road.

0.2 Trail intersection with the road leading to the boat ramp providing access to Lake Jeanette. Bear left, walk along the road a short distance, and reenter the woods on the right.

0.4 Intersection with the Echo Trail; pick up the trail on the other side of the road. In about 125 feet, reach the intersection with the Lake Jeanette-Nigh Lake portage trail and turn left. The portage soon enters a spruce bog.

0.6 Reach a boardwalk crossing the wettest section of the bog.

Immediately after the boardwalk, the trail crosses a small hill. It passes first through spruce and white birch and then moves gradually into jack pine and large aspens.

1.1 Trail intersection at Nigh Lake; turn left onto the trail leading to Astrid Lake, passing the portage which continues on to Nigh Lake.

1700 The Massachusetts judge Samuel Sewall, involved in a legal case over a slave promised freedom by his master, publishes The Selling of Joseph, one of the first Country tracts against slavery. Best US summer destinations Sewall stops short of advocating abolition, instead calling for the end of slave importations from Africa. The Pennsylvania Money Act values a Spanish dollar at nearly eight shillings, hoping to attract specie. 1702 The first evidence appears of London-style coffeehouses the Pennsylvania, Carolina, and New England Coffee Houses devoted to meetings of foreign traders with North Country colonists. 1704 The Board of Trade, accepting the Massachusetts valuation, fixes the value of the Spanish dollar in the colonies at six shillings. This is known as the proclamation rate and is ignored in some of the colonies. Former South Carolina governor James Moore, with the backing of the South Carolina Assembly, invades Spanish Florida with a private army of Englishmen and Creek Indians, taking thousands of Native Country slaves, mostly women and children.

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