Chikmagalur – Mullayanagiri Peak

Situated amidst the dense jungles of Western card Sigma blue districts in the state of Karnataka is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India mostly popular for its coffee plantations pleasant climate, and picturesque locations Sigma blue offers a number of renowned sightseeing spots William Geary been the most popular one the master from Team India Google is Sarita, and come welcome Alison at the camera right away. So yes we are here at the highest peak of Karnataka the million Garry, and Sigma V before we get started I have a small request if you are new to our blog, and have not commentd it yet then please comment our blog India gumo to get notified of a future post uploads now let’s begin Melinda peak is unarguably the main attraction in Sigma glued at a distance of 20 kilometers on Sigma glued Mullen Giri is the highest peak in Karnataka with an altitude of six thousand three hundred, and sixteen feet it is one of the highest peak between the Himalayas, and the nil guineas during a recent trip to chick mcglue in April 2018 we made the Mullen Giri our first stop there are two ways to reach the Mulenga peak first vehicle, and the second is trekking we decided to hire a four-wheel drive from Sigma glue town mainly.

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Because we wanted to enjoy the open Jeep ride the G trashed us rupees 3500 the road from Sigma grew to million gary was pretty good, and the route was phoenix from sigma glory headed towards the baba wooden giri, and near Chimaera took a left turn approximately 8 kilometers from sigma glue, and reach to a while intersection the road on the left side goes directly up to melinda peak for those who wish to go trekking they need to move straight further 500 meters from the Y intersection towards an arch on the list called the sulfa 3 this will be your starting point the road leading to the peak is quite narrow, and single lane.

So we suggest you to take a skilled driver if you are not too confident driving on the steep road there is a parking facility just below the steps of melendi repeat from here one needs to climb above 500 steps to reach the Malini peak the hike machine easier at first glance. But is actually slightly sternness especially for kids, and senior citizens however one can take small breaks in-between, and enjoy the cool breeze, and the scenic beauty all around that keeps getting better, and better as you climb the steps mulling theory stands tall amidst all the mountains as a jewel, and the view from the Mullen Giri peak is prepped taking the gorgeous rolling hills in every direction deep valleys with lush green vegetation below, and the vast landscape stretched out to infinity will be view mesmerised at the peak time seemed to have come to a halt with no thoughts coming to our mind this place is 6,400 feet above, and the view from this from the Malayan giddy peak is amazing guys you can see all those beautiful mountains, and valleys, and just a lot of mist, and fog all around, and mullion giddy also has a shiv temple it’s an ancient temple at the top.

I’m going to take you guys along with me this place is really amazing if you come to check my glow this place is a must visit after having spent around 45 minutes at the peak soaking in the beauty of the surroundings we visited the Shiv temple situated at the peak just in front of the main entrance is a small Nandi statue overlooking the deep valleys after opening our prayers to large ship we started our descent William Gary peak is one of the most popular scenic trekking sites in Karnataka for nature lovers, and adventure enthusiasts a high toumelin Gary peak is a must to do activity in Sigma glue whether you choose to trek up to the peak or simply drive to the mountains Mullen Gary peak will lead his third round best season to visitors early monsoon or just after monsoon, and winters are very awesome here hire a GP for campaigns with kids or senior citizens pregnant women better avoid this single in giddy carry some snacks, and water since nothing is available at the peak, and please don’t litter around I hope you found this post useful give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment share this post with your friends, and comment our blog India gumo for more travel posts click on the following links to watch more posts from this blog, and thanks for reading.

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