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In a racialized milieu, skin colour has high symbolic value (Dyer 1997: 50). That Abdullah’s father is white introduces ambivalence, although his Muslim attire overrides the dominance of white skin, as whiteness is perceived in terms of universalized whiteness as an ideological normativity. In an ambivalent turn Abdullah’s father is rendered black, since white Australians who convert to Islam are considered a threat to the boundaries of whiteness.

In contrast to this image, there is more to be uncomfortable about concerning the word assimilate’ To tell someone to assimilate is to tell them to forget who they were, forcing them to deny their identity, demanding that they become something else – assimilate to whom’ (Abdullah 3 June 2011 interview). Assimilation in Australian history is based on a myth of racial, religious and cultural homogeneity which is historically erroneous (Jones 2011).

Nor on force? No. Nor on compact? Nor Oakland Map property? Not altogether on either. Has it any solid foundation, any chief cornerstone but what Oakland Map accident, chance, or confusion may lay one moment and destroy the next? I think it has an everlasting foundation in the unchangeable will of GOD, the author of nature, whose laws never vary.

The same omniscient, omnipotent, infinitely good and gracious Creator of the universe who has been pleased to make it necessary that what we call matter should gravitate for the celestial bodies to roll round their axes, dance their orbits, and perform their various revolutions in that beautiful order and concern which we all admire has made it equally necessary that from Adam and Eve to these degenerate days the different sexes should sweetly attract each other, form societies of single families, of which larger bodies and communities are as naturally, mechanically, and necessarily combined as the dew of heaven and the soft distilling rain is collected by the all-enlivening heat of the sun. Government is therefore most evidently founded on the necessities of our nature. It is by no means an arbitrary thing depending merely on compact or human will for its existence .

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