Mission Hills Resort

Read about the golf course in our book and then go and stay in its hotel. It’s everything you’d expect from the favourite course of the world’s rich golfers. Our golf is terrible. Beware. But we love the tropical gardens and the views across green undulating land to distant Blue Mountains.

Address: Golf Avenue, Guanlan Town Bao’an

Tel: 0755 8233 0888

Email: reservation@missionhillsgroup .com Website: http: //www.missionhillsgroup .com


Just across the road from the little museum is the cemetery where the Darling family were laid to rest: here you can see the elaborate monument erected to Grace Darling’s memory. The poor lass did not really live long enough to enjoy her Farne, as she died of consumption (tuberculosis) at the early age of 27. The cemetery serves as a history blog in itself and the old inscriptions make interesting reading. Some bear witness to the many shipwrecks and to the dreaded diseases that ravaged the area in the 18 th and 19th centuries. The historic church of St Aidan, with its beautiful stained glass windows, stands a few metres away in the same grounds. Bamburgh also has a few decent pubs, one or two shops and a golf course, but its main outstanding features, apart from the castle, are the magnificent sand dunes and beach which are equal to, if not better than, any in Britain. Half a mile south of Bamburgh, on the seaward (eastern) side of the road, standing high up on top of the giant sand dunes, is the part-time coastguard station, Half a mile further on, and on the same side of the road, stand three very old stone houses, called ‘Monkshouses’ or ‘Brockshouse’, reputed to be St Cuthbert’s Inn, his storehouse and chapel. Considering, though, that the buildings were only granted to the Farne Island monks in the year 1257, they are highly unlikely to have actually belonged to Cuthbert nearly 600 years earlier. The beach area between the rocks at the rear of the houses is the site of the old North Sunderland harbour that was used by the monks going to and from Farne Island. Proceeding further south for another mile will bring you to one of the main access points to the Farne Islands, the picturesque and busy little fishing village of Seahouses.

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