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Philadelphia cultural contributions Latino cultural contributions in Pennsylvania are most evident in Philadelphia, the city with the earliest and most sustained contact with Latin America. One sees these... Read more


Berry-Caban, Cristobal. Hispanics in Wisconsin: A Bibliography of Resource Materials. Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1981. Erenburg, Mark. “Obreros Unidos in Wisconsin.” Monthly Labor Review 91 (June... Read more

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Virginia notable latinos Bolivar, Fernando (c. 1810-1898). Venezuelan-born Fernando Bolivar, the nephew and adoptive son of Simon Bolivar (the great hero of South America’s wars of independence), provided... Read more


chronology Trade between Philadelphia and Cuba intensifies during the American Revolution. Manuel Torres, the first Latin American diplomatic representative in the United States, arrives in Philadelphia. El Habanero,... Read more

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Wisconsin Current Events In following years, the grassroots activism of the previous era slightly faded, although the controversial debate about immigration reform has once again ignited advocacy and... Read more

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Lourdes Gutierrez Najera West Virginia chronology 1800s- 1900s As West Virginia’s railroad, coal, and zinc production industries boom at the turn of the century, the state embarks on... Read more

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Congress provided $2.5 million for anti-gang efforts. Among the several hundred gangs in the area, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), with roots in the Salvadoran community, is considered the largest... Read more

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Oregon notable latinos Padilla Andrews, Clara (1941-). Padilla Andrews is owner and publisher of El Hispanic News. This newspaper, founded in 1981 by Juan Prats, is the oldest... Read more

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North Dakota chronology 1492 Spanish Crown claims present-day North Dakota. 1682 The explorer Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, claims all land drained by the Mississippi, as... Read more

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The struggle for Latino recognition and worker’s rights continued into the 1970s. A report from the Governor’s Investigating Committee on Problems of Wisconsin’s Spanish Speaking Communities in 1971... Read more

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A corrido is a Mexican narrative song or ballad based on oral tradition. Especially popular in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands between 1880 and 1930, the cor-rido highlights important social,... Read more

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In Virginia, Salvadorans represent the largest share of Latino newcomers. For them, religious institutions have been particularly instrumental, given the circumstances surrounding their exit from El Salvador and... Read more