Travel to Texas

Statehood, the Civil War, and the Late Nineteenth Century Both the Mexican War and statehood complicated the relationship between the United States and Texas. The Treaty of Guadalupe... Read more

Oregon Vacations

Oregon cultural contributions The cultural and political landscapes of Oregon are quite different in this new century than they were fifty years ago. Today, the Mexican and Latino... Read more

Washington bibliography

Apostolidis, Paul. “The State of the State of Washington’s Latinos: 2008.” http://www. Compean, Mario. “Mexican Americans in the Columbia Basin: A Historical Overview.” Columbia River Basin Ethnic... Read more


Elizabeth Rink Washington chronology 1774 The Spanish explorer Juan Perez arrives on the Santiago in Washington State with a crew primarily of Mexican sailors. 1790-1792 The first non-Native... Read more

West Virginia Vacations

The reaction to recent waves of Latino migrants arriving in West Virginia has not always been positive. In fact, many West Virginians have advocated for restrictionist measures in... Read more

South Carolina

South Carolina chronology 1514-1521 Agents of Spanish official Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon explore the coast- line, make landfall, and initiate contact with Native Americans in present-day South Carolina.... Read more


Ed A. Munoz Wyoming chronology A papal bull proclaims Spain’s legal right to most of the New World, including the trans-Mississippi West. Spanish conquistador Francisco Vasquez de Coronado... Read more

South Dakota

John A. Morrow South Dakota chronology 1492 The Spanish Crown claims what would become South Dakota. 1540-1542 Explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado claims the Great Plains for Spain.... Read more

Texas notable latinos

Garcia, Hector Perez (1914-1996). Physician and World War II veteran Hector Garcia established the American GI Forum in 1948 in Corpus Christi, Texas, to aid veterans in their... Read more


Mexicans begin moving to Ohio to work at the mills in Lorain. These are the first Latino migrants to permanently settle the region. In 1926 a Mexican baseball... Read more

Texas Guide for Tourist

Texas CHRONOLOGY The Mexican Revolution leads to massive Mexican migration to the United States. The manifesto El Plan de San Diego calls for armed struggle against exploitation and... Read more