Corrido Pensilvanio

A corrido is a Mexican narrative song or ballad based on oral tradition. Especially popular in the U.S. -Mexico borderlands between 1880 and 1930, the cor-rido highlights important social, political, and cultural issues that affect Mexican and Mexican American communities. Themes include war, romance, social justice, heroism, labor, and migration.

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The Corrido Pensilvanio reveals how the industrial experience of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation was a departure from the typical agricultural labor of the southwestern Mexican worker. It is included in Paul Taylor's study of the Mexican laborers who traveled from the U.S. Southwest to work in Pennsylvania.

Hispanic American League of Artists (HAT. A), Lehigh Valley.

Founded in 1994, the Hispanic American League of Artists (HALA) is an interdisciplinary ensemble of dancers, actors, vocalists, instrumentalists, and visual and media artists dedicated to nurturing creativity and developing Latino artists into amateur, semiprofessional, and professional performers. Its mission is to educate, develop, and promote Latino artists, as well as to educate the community.

About Latino culture. Since its inception, HALA has served Latinos and other interested community members from Allentown, Bethlehem, and the surrounding Lehigh Valley. The group recently hosted the second annual HALA Cine Latino festival, the only Latino film festival in Pennsylvania.

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