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The Hobart Rivulet is a small, pure waterway that’s been flowing down from Mount Wellington since ancient times. It is, in part, the reason that Hobart was built where it is. It now flows under the city and into the Derwent River. Don’t let its size fool you – this little river has a big story, people! Rivulet tours start at Hobart’s Visitor Information Centre and duck through city streets to finish at the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery (TMAG). Sadly you can no longer traipse around subterraneously (curse you OH&S!), but the tour tells some fascinating stories about the ups and downs of the rivulet over the years, like when it was pretty much the city sewer. You can also pop down into a section of the tunnel to get a glimpse of the waterway beneath you. If you feel like branching out on your own, the nature end of the rivulet is a popular walking and cycling path for city workers who live south-side. Starting at Hobart Linear Park on Molle Street, urban-scapes give way to serene parklands accompanied by a soundtrack of trickling water and bird calls. Info signs along the way reveal the colourful past of the creek. There’s a bushwalking diversion before you find yourself back down by the creek, with ancient cliffs towering above you. Look for riverside remnants of old Hobart town in the glass bottles and bits of crockery collected by locals and arranged on tree stumps. This part of the track ends near the Cascade Gardens in South Hobart, watched over by the old Cascade Brewery and awesome Mount Wellington. Oh yeah, there are plenty of stories in that there rivulet.

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