Taipa and Coloane Map

Taipa These two islands lying just offshore from the Macau peninsula are a little world on their own. The southern end ofthe high curved bridge, known as the Ponte Macau-Taipa, leads on to the island of Taipa (a second bridge running parallel to the east of the first is under construction).

The island is soon likely to gain in importance as a result of the Macau International Airport (Macau’s first), which has been under construction since 1988 on reclaimed land off the eastern shore ofthe island. The airport is expected to begin operations in 1995.

A trotting course is located in the south-western corner of the island while the University of Macau is to be found in the north. Also of interest are the old Church of Senhora do Carmo, which is approached by a flight of steps and offers a good panoramic view, and the museum of furniture which is located in a restored colonial-style house on the beach in Taipa Village.

There are five Chinese temples on the island, of which Tin Hau Temple is probably the best known. It was built just under 200 years ago and contains a decorated shrine with the picture of a goddess.

The fireworks factories which are so important for Macau’s economy are located on Taipa.

Coloane A causeway links Taipa to the island of Coloane. Coloane has a number of quays for junks, two bays with shaded bathing beaches, and an interesting church dating from the early 20th c., which was built in memory of Portuguese soldiers who had set children free from the clutches of pirates. There is an old temple nearby with a ship carved out of an enormous whalebone. The Pousada de Coloane (hotel) is situated near Cheoc Van Bay (in the south; leisure facilities).

Hac Sa Bay in the south-east can offer similar facilities with the opening of a new leisure complex, the Macau Golf & Country Club.

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