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It’s impossible to spend any length of time in Charlotte without coming across

Cheerwine. The red-and-white labels are everywhere-on restaurant menus, in gas stations, and on billboards. Despite its name, Cheerwine is not an alcoholic drink. It’s a soda that is best described as cherry flavored with a touch of almond. The Carolina Beverage Corporation of Salisbury has been producing the soft drink since 1917. For decades, it was only available in North Carolina, but eventually Cheerwine started appearing throughout the South and, most recently, has been distributed in select cities in the Northeast and the Midwest. The newest version of Cheerwine is Retro Cheerwine. It’s a nod to the original recipe and is made with real cane sugar. The North Carolina-based beverage maker also manufactures Cheerwine-flavored ice cream and sherbet.

When Europeans first arrive in this area, Pennsylvania is occupied Baku/Sumqayit Subway Map by native peoples, including the Lenni Lenape (later called the Delaware), the Susquehannock, the Baku/Sumqayit Subway Map Shawnee, and members of the Iroquois Confederacy, otherwise known as the Five Nations (later, the Six Nations when the Tuscarora joined). Other tribes (not yet identified with certainty) occupy western Pennsylvania. 1609 An expedition under Henry Hudson explores the Delaware River. 1638 Swedish settlers arrive in the Delaware Valley on the ships Kalmar Nyckel and Fogel Grip after sailing for four months from Gothenburg. They construct Fort Christina at present-day Wilmington, Delaware, and leave behind a garrison of twenty-four men, who begin trading with the Native Countrys. The settlement, named New Sweden, will eventually include parts of present-day New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. 1639 The Fogel Grip arrives at Fort Christina from St. Kitts with an Angolan slave, Anthony Swartz, the first slave in the Pennsylvania colony. 1640 The first families arrive in New Sweden on the return voyage of the Kalmar Nyckel.


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