My experiences of Vivid Sydney

Last year I had the opportunity to witness one of Sydney’s best tourist events, Vivid Sydney. My Vivid Sydney experience started with Magistic Dinner cruise. In the cruise, I found my reserved table right beside the spacious window. Delighted with my window seat, I set off to enjoy my dinner. The food was sumptuous. The prawns were fresh and the deserts were delectable. The on-board bar had some of the Australian wine & beers.

After a fulfilling dinner in the cruise, I got up to take a stroll on the vessel and pick my spot to savour the rest of my cruise. I positioned myself on the top deck with my glass of wine and the view took my breath away! The panoramic view of the entire Sydney Harbour was worth witnessing. As we halted near Opera House, the artwork display on its sails kept me confounded only to realize I had not started clicking pictures yet. Guess I was too busy saving the mesmerizing images through the lenses of my eyes that I forgot to immortalize them with my camera. Wasting no time, I clicked away some amazing pictures from one of the best spots on the catamaran.

After I got offboard, I roamed around the walkways and was awestruck looking at the unique ideas and the play of colors which resonates immense creativity. The 3D projections and lightings on the buildings kept me spellbound. The water projections and the dancing fountains at Cockle Bay were equally entertaining. The surreal light installations made me wonder how the artists come up with such amazing ideas. They just keep getting more innovative, creative and better year after year. I wonder what is in store this year as I bet it would be even more spectacular.

The art connoisseurs consider Vivid Sydney a must witness event. It is one of the top 10 must see events & has won the Best Tourism Event Award. I now know how it attracts over half a million spectators from all over the world. So pack your bags and get yourself to Sydney and make your wonderful memories stay VIVID!

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