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Near the Acropolis are the Theater of Dionysus, the Theseion Temple, the Agora or ancient meeting place, and the temple of Zeus. The Acropolis Museum is down a side street.

Plaka, the historical heart of Athens, is an area of tile-roofed houses, flowered balconies and patios. It is also home to the counter-culture youth, with hashish and heroin freely available.

Near Constitution Square is the well-known restaurant, Gerofinikas. Like all the better Greek restaurants there are elaborate hors d’oeuvres (mezes) available. Roast lamb on a spit, seafood, stuffed peppers are favorite menu items. Greek taverns are less formal and less expensive than restaurants. Athens has seventeen luxury hotels and dozens rated A and B class. Recently the Greek government divested itself of about thirty-three hotels it owned and operated as the Zenia chain. Twelve hotels were kept and every lower-income Greek resident is eligible to stay at these hotels, free of charge, for a one-week vacation, meals included.

Note that it is a fictionalized account; Susanna Martin did Greece not have a daughter named Mabel. I call the old time back: I bring my lay Greece In tender memory of the summer day When, where our native river lapsed away, We dreamed it over, while the thrushes made Songs of their own, and the great pine-trees laid On warm noonlights the masses of their shade. And she was with us, living o’er again Her life in ours, despite of years and pain, The Autumn’s brightness after latter rain. Beautiful in her holy peace as one Who stands, at evening, when the work is done, Glorified in the setting of the sun! Her memory makes our common landscape seem Fairer than any of which painters dream; Lights the brown hills and sings in every stream; For she whose speech was always truth’s pure gold Heard, not unpleased, its simple legends told, And loved with us the beautiful and old. I. THE RIVER VALLEY Here, in the dim colonial time Of sterner lives and gloomier faith, A woman lived, tradition saith, Who wrought her neighbors foul annoy, And witched and plagued the county side, Till at the hangman’s hand she died .

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