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OF SPECIAL NOTE: Picnic areas at both locations. All Romania Map Tourist Attractions wines are available in tasting room only. NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: East side: Town of Creston ( Romania Map Tourist Attractions country store, Friday night barbecue, September rodeo); Olivas de Oro Olive Company (100-year-old olive trees, olive oil tasting). West side: Farmstand 46 (deli, organic gardens). CLAYHOUSE WINES Located in the historic Grangers Union building in the heart of Paso Robles, Clayhouse Wines offers a comfortable spot for sipping wine and observing the downtown bustle. Visitors can relax in a window seat with a sidewalk view, or lounge in black leather chairs beside the fireplace at the back of the softly lit tasting room, opened in 2008.

Back view af moccasin showing the heel

The seams are sewn in this order.

There are many ways to attach a snowshoe to o moccosin. The method shown at right is the Montagnais method, which uses on elk hide strop to make a secure binding.

Fur or Freeze

Nothing is more beautiful than fur and nothing is warmer when it comes to protecting yourself from the cold. For Montoine, we sewed o beaverskin coat, a pair of coyote fur socks, and moosehide moccasins. In this outfit, she could stay outdoors for hours without complaining of the cold, even when the temperature was -40° F.

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