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At Costesti, in Valcea county, we can admire the “growing rocks”, as the local peasants call them. The Trovant Museum is an open air “exhibition” of strange silicon... Read more

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Mogosoaia Palace Lake Cernica (341 hectares), situated fourteen kilometres from Bucharest, is covered in reed beds to the south and has been declared a nature reserve. In 1608,... Read more

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Traditional Events May The traditional customs and ethnic crafts market gathers artisans from all over Romania at the Village Museum in Bucharest. They offer live demonstrations of wood... Read more

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Beyond the usual touristic attractions, the monuments and historical vestiges, the natural or man-made wonders, what Romania stands for are the Romanian people. To know a country, to... Read more

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Tourism for health, beauty and care More them one third of Europe’s mineral waters are in Romania. Here, under the supervision of Ana Aslan, the Institute of Geriatrics... Read more

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The Chilia Channel in the Danube Delta The Danube and the Danube Delta The territory between the three river branches of the Danube, Chilia, Sulina and Sfantul Gheorghe,... Read more