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Beyond the usual touristic attractions, the monuments and historical vestiges, the natural or man-made wonders, what Romania stands for are the Romanian people. To know a country, to discover a civilization, an environment, it is not enough to make a “courtesy” \isit, it is necessary to undergo a direct exposure to the men’s traditions and customs, to the Romanian people’s day-to-day life.

Folk dances from Gura Humorului region

and events

The day-to-day life, the events this country has chosen for being representative, the festivals which attract each year hundreds of thousands of participants or viewers represent the human side of Romania.

Prestigious festivals and events

Cultural events September

The “George Enescu” International Contest and Festival is one of the most important cultural and musical shows in Romania. Every two years, the “George Enescu” Festival brins to Bucharest the most important names from the world of classical music. In September 2007, the 18th edition will take place.


Tourism International Fair

The event takes place in Bucharest, within the Romexpo Exhibition Complex. Within the tourism fair, a cultural show takes place, addressed to all the art photography fans: The Touristic Photography National Show, now reaching the 4th edition, promotes the touristic photography and the internal tourism.

Festivals of Romania Photo Gallery


The Medieval Art Festival in Sighisoara lasts for three days and brings many tourists within the citadel considered as one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe.


Callatis International Festival takes place every year in Mangalia. The event organized in a modem

Outdoor festival,


“Callatis” Festival in Mangalia

manner gathers some of the most well-know cultural and musical personalities of the world.

“The Anonymous” (Anonimul) International Film Festival is organized in the Danube Delta, in a paradisiacal location called Sfantu Gheorghe village. The festival is set at a few hundreds of meters of Back Sea shore, but the big screen placed outside, offers a generous perspective even for those who do not want to spend much time in the audience.

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