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When Europeans first arrived on Hispaniola, the island was home Indonesia Metro Map to a rather large Amerindian population. Most of the native peoples died within decades, many from Indonesia Metro Map European-introduced diseases against which they had no natural immunity. Others were killed in skirmishes with the European intruders. Today, Haiti has a rather homogeneous population. About 95 percent of the people are blacks who trace their distant ancestry to Africa. Another 4 percent of Haitians are of mixed black and white ancestry, the people of color.

Everyone agreed our next stop would be Room 119, where the suicide occurred. We made our way through the newer section of the hotel and headed down the long hallway. Within minutes we stood in front of door marked 119. It was a pleasant room, with two full beds. A couple of chairs sat by a small table. After settling in, we began another EVP session asking specific questions to solicit a response from any remaining presence in the room.

The Hauntings Paranormal Research team setting up and taking readings in room 119.

Kat began, “We are calling the man or woman who committed suicide in this room? Is the person who committed suicide with us tonight? Can you tell us your name?”

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