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Ni Hao Hello and welcome to the one and only Bangkok. From the Grand Palace and floating markets to the delicious foods and Thai massages, this city is going to packed full of excitement. We cannot wait to check it out. Khaosan Road used to be a rice market, but now it’s become a hub for backpackers offering cheap accommodation and market stalls galore. You can’t come to Bangkok and not take a tuk tuk ride. It’s just such a thrill, so exhilarating. Woo hoo. This is by far the best cooking class I’ve ever been to. Not only is it like beautiful ambiance here in this gorgeous setting.

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We’ll each get our own private work station to learn how to cook. The Bridge on the River Kwai is full of history. The bridge was built in 1943 in an effort to connect the existing Thai and Burmese railways. We’re just zipping down the river in this incredible longboat. This is really cool. One of my favorite parts of Bangkok are these floating markets. The boats are piled high with fruits and vegetables. Sticky rice and mango is absolutely my new favorite meal here. And the fact that you can just order it out of a boat is so neat. Oh my gosh! It’s fascinating to walk through these ruins, just surrounded by so much rich history.

This is one of the heads that was hidden underground and was carried up by the roots and now it is perfectly placed in this tree. Wat Pho is the oldest and largest Buddhist temple is Bangkok and it is here the you will find the Reclining Buddha. Wow, it is so awesome and huge and gold and breathtaking. Thailand is known for its Thai massage. Being bent and pulled and twisted like pretzel. I didn’t even know I could bend that way. Oh my god, these steps are so step, but I know the view from up top is gonna be worth it. Oh my god, look at the view from up here. You can see all the temples in the distance. The Chao Phraya River is such an iconic part of Bangkok. We’re getting such amazing views of the temples lit up at night. Ladies and gentlemen, Calypso Bangkok. The Bangkok cabaret show is where it’s at. It there is one show that you have to see when you come to Bangkok, this is it. Bangkok really does have such a special charm about it. Yes, it’s understandable why they call this The Land of Smiles. We will definitely be back here again.

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