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I am so excited, today I am gonna do something super unique, I’m gonna take a tour of Paris in a Citroen car. Here’s my driver. Hi. How you doin’, nice to meet you. Let’s go. We are just in front of the Column of the Grande Armee. What I’m really enjoying about this tour is my guide, Nick, tells me about all the best sights, and it’s kind of individualized, whatever you wanna do, he’ll take you to do it, this, it’s all about you. This is so much fun. Look at that right there, it’s the Arc de Triomphe. I’ve seen it all my life in movies, and now we’re driving around it. This is a pretty cool moment.

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This car began production in about 1948 and it was kinda like a town joy ride car, but they’re not made anymore, so these limited edition collector’s items are quite special. That’s so cool! The most famous building in all of Paris. Can you believe it, that’s the Eiffel Tower right there! Driving through Paris is like driving through a post card, but being here in real life is even better and these monuments are so close to each other, you don’t have to go very far to see them all, it’s just very impressive. We’re driving around the Louvre right now.

The most famous museum in the world. Not only is this car impressing me, but it seems like everybody we pass by on the street is taking photos and stopping and pointing at this car. I can’t believe how much I’ve seen here in Paris in such a short amount of time and I’m seeing everything in style, I’m loving this Citroen 2CV and this is the way to see Paris. This is so much fun, I love it!.

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