(Former) Brothel Paris

Maisons closes (or closed houses) where prostitutes offered their services, were for centuries an institution in Paris, but have been banned since 1946. The interior design was frequently... Read more

August on Paris

It seems that some practices are unchangeable, immutable. Since the Front Populaire, in 1935, French workers have had the right to paid vacation, now up to a minimum... Read more

Getting around of Paris

You’ve probably heard this before: do not plan to drive in Paris. Correct! Parking is a challenge, and cars coming onto larger thoroughfares from side streets on the... Read more

Chocolate Paris

Paris is home to over 300 chocolate shops, and there are fabulous treats for every taste and budget. One of my favorites is Jean-Charles Rochoux, one of an... Read more

Chinatown Paris

There are several Parisian neighborhoods populated by Asian immigrants. The first post World War II wave came from South-East Asia during the 1970’s and they settled in the... Read more

Cemeteries Paris

During the summer that I was pregnant with my daughter we were living in Montmartre and I used to go and sit in a little cemetery near our... Read more

Bakery Paris

Are you thinking of paying a visit to Le Village Saint Paul, a courtyard in the Marais dating back to the Renaissance and now home to cafes and... Read more