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Are you thinking of paying a visit to Le Village Saint Paul, a courtyard in the Marais dating back to the Renaissance and now home to cafes and boutiques? If so, cross the street and stop in to sample the wares at a favorite bakery of my fashionista friends. This quaint shop is called Le Village Saint

Paul and you cannot miss the quaint blue facade and windows full of scrumptious pastries. Try their Delice Saint Paul, moist cake squares with lemon-poppy or pistachio flavoring. 26, rue Saint Paul, Paris 4. (Tel: +33 (0)1 42 71 02 99) Metro Saint Paul (Line 1) .

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The feet are used to steer the bird both in the water and in the air, but are not used as propulsion, except when they are moving slowly in search of fish or first diving down or coming up to the surface. If they have fed well, they look really comical, skimming and bouncing over the sea from wave to wave, like a flat stone that has been thrown along the water’s surface. Razorbill (Alca torda) The razorbill is a very similar bird to the guillemot in size, shape and colour, but its plumage is more of a chocolate-brown than black. The beak of the razorbill is also shorter and more flattened with a white, grooved line across it and there is a white bar running along its wing tip. It too is a member of the auk family and there are some 50-60 pairs nesting on the islands, with most of them on Farne. All of the auk family are constantly menaced by predatory gulls so the most successful razorbills and guillemot chicks are those that are hatched and fledged in the shortest possible time. Herring gulls are normally the biggest egg thieves, but the black-backed gull causes the biggest mortality rate among fledglings. The one egg laid by a breeding pair of razorbills is similar in shape and size to that of the guillemot, but the colour is a buffish white or pale greenish-blue, with blotches of dark brown. The egg takes about 34 days to incubate and the chick about another 15 or 16 days to fledge. The nestlings are fed on fish, small crustaceans and large planktonic creatures of varying species, with the size of the fish depending on the age of the chick.

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